Swim Groups

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The Parkland Swimming Credo

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Club Groups

The Parkland Swimming Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Parkland Swimming Club to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Please note that we do not organize our groups based on age, but ability.  PSC believes that athletes must be able to safely advance up the tiered groups by showing development in swimming skills, growing competitive drive, and obtaining USA Swimming Time Standards in order to advance.  Age does not dictate your placement, skill set, desire, intrinsic-motivation, and attendance do.  As such, please understand that our staff will place you in the group that best fits regardless your athlete’s age.


Futures: This group is intended for those whom are just starting out in the world of competitive USA Swimming. This group will practice three times a week for one hour. The days for Futures is going to be dependent on what night’s we will be holding our LTS classes. We will have this scheduled finalized within the coming week or two. Each Futures practice will be one hour in length. Swimmers in this group will be expected to participate in at least 1 USA Swimming meet per session. Participation in the end of season championship meets either being Mini or Bronze Champs is also highly encouraged. Coach Mary Kay Krause will be heading this group. There is NO ACTIVITY LEVEL for Futures.


Grey: This group is intended for those whom are competent in all four strokes and can swim multiple laps with little rest. Swimmers in this group are expected to attend regular USA Swimming meets and will be expected to participate in the end of season championship meets they qualify for. Grey group practice will be Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday from 6:00-7:30pm and Saturdays from 10:30am-Noon. This group will be headed by Coach Barry Kushner. Grey offers an Activity Level.


Red: This group is intended for those athletes whom have Silver Championship times or are 9-10 years of age and are working toward Junior Olympic qualifying times. This group is more intensive then Grey group. Swimmers will be expected to swim longer sets and follow a written workout on the board. This group will be practicing Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 5:45-7:30pm, and Saturday 10:15-12:00PM. This group will be expected to compete in all team meets, 1 distance meet, and season ending championship meet. This group will be headed by Coach Jason Coombe. Red offers an Activity Level.


Black: This is the premiere age group training group. Admittance to this group is by invite only. Swimmers in this group will be expected to maintain an 80% practice attendance. Swimmers will be expected to attend all team meets for the entirety of the meet. Swimmers will be expected to attend season ending championship meets. Swimmers in this group are working for “A” Finals at Silvers in all of their prime events, Junior Olympic, and Zone qualifying meets. This group will include dry land twice a week focusing on the legs and core specifically. Practice will be Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 5:30-7:30pm. This time does include dry land. Saturday practice will be 10am-noon. Coach Sean Fisher will be heading this group. There is NO ACTIVITY LEVEL for Black. 

Senior: This is our high school training group.  In rare cases, an 8th grader may train with Senior in the event that the athlete has demonstrated that they are capable of safely handling the demands of the training and are looking to excel at high level club meets.  For the fall of 2019, Senior will be split into two levels. The requirements and expectations for each group are listed below. 

  1. Senior Sectional

  2. Senior 6-DAY

  3. Senior Activity ONLY

Please see the Fall 2019 Registration Packet for more regarding the Senior Group levels.




The attendance weekly requirement will be for any three times that an athlete drops below the requirement.  It does not have to occur in succession. Extenuating circumstances will be considered by the coaching staff and Board, however do not guarantee that the athlete will be above the attendance requirement.

Why are we requiring Senior to participate in St. Luke’s Sports Performance Lifting?

  • All athletes will be required to lift during the high school season with St. Luke’s at PHS.

  • In order to prevent an injury athletes need to be lifting in the fall.  Athletes that do not lift until the start of the high school winter season are likely to injure themselves or become so sore that time is lost training due to a lack of physical fitness that comes with lifting.

  • Strength training is a critical component of any athletic program looking to excel.  In order to receive the highest gains, athletes must be developed in a well-rounded program that benefits all aspects of fitness.

Lifting as a team, together, is another step in developing our new normal, with regards to team culture.