Swim Groups

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The Parkland Swimming Credo

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Club Groups

The Parkland Swimming Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Parkland Swimming Club to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Please note that we do not organize our groups based on age, but ability.  PSC believes that athletes must be able to safely advance up the tiered groups by showing development in swimming skills, growing competitive drive, and obtaining USA Swimming Time Standards in order to advance.  Age does not dictate your placement, skill set, desire, intrinsic-motivation, and attendance do.  As such, please understand that our staff will place you in the group that best fits regardless your athlete’s age.

NEW TO THIS YEAR:  Every Competitive Age-Group Team is required to attend a set of meets.  In order to return to the program in the winter, or spring of 2018 athletes must have attended our basic meet requirements for the group the athlete is registered.  A COMPLETE CHART of the MEET EXPECTATIONS is in this packet, and posted online in the registration information.

Swim Team Prep (STP)

This is our top Learn-To-Swim Level (formally LTS Level 4).  The purpose of this group is to prepare to enter the Competitive Age Group Program.  Participants in this level must be able to legally swim all 3 of the 4 strokes for a distance of 20 yards.  Participants will be taught turn and starting technique with a focus on developing the 4 competitive strokes.  This group will practice in lanes with a depth of 7-9 feet so comfort in the water, and having a skill set for this depth are a must.  Participants in this level will be required to attend USA Swimming Meets.  Participants in this level will be required to be members of USA Swimming.

Futures (Former LTS Level 4)

The futures group is our transition group from the Swim Team Prep Group to the full-practice schedule Grey Group.  This group’s focus is competition growth swimming, so a willingness to grow, and a desire to attend the practice schedule regularly are a must.  Participants are required to be able to successfully complete the four legal strokes for a minimum distance of 50 yards before requiring a break.  This group utilizing interval training meaning repeats of distances like 4x50, 10x25, and 2x100 will be used.  Participants must be able to complete repeats of intervals to be in this group.  Participants in this level will practice 3 times a week with the focus being on developing the 4 strokes in a competitive manner.  Participants in this group will train to develop and advance in swimming and will be attending USA Swimming Meets.  Participants in this group will be required to be USA Swimming members.


Grey Group

This is PSC’s first group where participants will be expected to attend four or more workouts a week for the duration of the session.  With the use of interval training, and repeats, the focus of the group is to obtain Junior Olympic, Silver, and Bronze Championship time standards. This group requires a competitive desire, and willingness to participate in multiple USA Swimming Meets. Attending a winter championship meet is mandatory.  Athletes in this group focus mainly on advancing the four competitive strokes, having fun, perfecting start and turn technique, and obtaining Silver Championship or Junior Olympic Championship Time Standards.  Our primary goals are to teach the strokes and competitive swimming through a love for kicking first, proper technique through drilling second, then a basic swimming endurance third.  Swimming sets in this group will be designed using the interval-repeat method and will be according to those objectives.  Participants in this group will be expected to attend regular developmental or low-tier USA Swimming Meets, and attend a “season-ending” championship meet to show off their development for the past year.  Participants need to know that this group is designed to be an annual training group, so winter participation is expected in order to grow the team mindset.  Participants in this group will be required to be USA Swimming Members.

Red Group

From the Grey group, athletes move into this group. Athletes in Red are expected to have a minimum of 6 Silver Championship time standards.   This group is exposed to elite interval training for the first time while preparing for events 200 yards in length and higher. The intent of this group is to foster the competitive spirit and advance kids into our elite training group.  Participants will be expected to work towards achieving Junior Olympic Time Standards, and at the minimum attend Silver Championships in the Spring to show off their developed skills.  FREQUENT participation in USA Swimming Meets is mandatory.  This group will see higher levels of swimming, however, the amount will be kept appropriate to the level of the athlete.
As mentioned, this is the first group where we begin to ask athletes to attend USA Swimming meets, from standard A/BB/C invitational, to age group championships.  Racing start certifications, as well as, legal strokes are necessary in order to participate in these meets.  This group is designed to be a continuous year round swimming group, and it is expected that participants attend workouts frequently throughout the year.  USA Swimming Membership is required for the Red Group.

Black Group

This is our premiere youth training group. Participants will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to the sport through year round training and motivating themselves to obtain Junior Olympic Time Standards. Frequent competition at swim meets is expected in this group. Training takes precedence over technique work for the first time in the athlete’s development. Athletes in this group train for the 200-yard events and higher.  Stroke training, and endurance training are a definite.  Athletes will be trained to attempt to make Middle Atlantic JO Cuts and above.  This group comes with a mandatory attendance policy, mandatory meet attendance, and admission into this group is by coach only, with approval of the Head Club Coach.  As such, the team’s Travel Policies are in effect during meets.  The expectation of this group is not only to attend high level meets, season ending meets, but also to prepare the body to enter our elite high school aged training group, and prepare to be competitively ready to enter the Parkland Swimming and Diving High School Team.

Senior Group

This is our premiere training group specializing in athletes grade 8 and beyond.  Participants in the senior group are expected to have 8 or more Silver Championship level cuts, two PIAA District XI Time Standards, and Senior Championship cuts at the minimum to participate in this group.  This group’s focus is year round competitive training and the athletes are expected to maintain sufficient attendance year round as defined by the Club Head Coach.  Athlete’s un-willing to commit to the level of attendance will be asked to join the PSC Black Group.  It is expected that athletes are working toward obtaining Senior Championship, Sectional, Futures, and beyond time standards.  This group is expected to train during the PSC Fall, Spring, and Summer Sessions.  Athletes participating in Senior will develop their competitive swimming skills and be trained to obtain the Level 2 and Level 3 Tier meet time standards mentioned above.  Athletes will experience all levels of training from sprint to distance, and will be trained in specialty strokes as well as developing IM abilities.  Admittance into Senior is by invitation only from the Head Club Coach.