Ask the Coach

Ask the Coach

Swimming and water polo can be a confusing sports. Sometimes it seems like people “in the know” are talking a different language. And, if you’re new, it can be a little intimidating. Well, we’re here to help.

This is where we’ll post a series of questions and answers from the coaches and parents about everything from how to put on a swim cap, the definition of a fly-over start and rules of water polo. Please submit questions in the comments box below and we’ll try to get an answer.

What should my kids eat before practice?
Definite Answer: Rule of thumb….how will it taste coming back up? Hahahahaha. Seriously. about an hour before practice, have your child(ren) eat a bagel, a light sandwich, fruit, or other easily digestible food that will benefit their bodies as fuel. Also, drink lots of water. Please try to avoid sodas, fast food (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.), doughnuts, candy and other types of food that will lead to a temporary sugar high but leave them still hungry after 30 minutes in the pool.

What do I do when child(ren) do not want to go to practice? I want them to love swimming/water polo but I don’t want to force them to attend.
Talk to the Coach. It is the coaches job to make swimming and water polo fun and/or interesting. But, parents must decide that athletics are good for their children. It produces healthy, disciplined, strong young people who are better off because you cared enough to be persistent.

How can I prevent “swimmers ear”?
Mix a 1:1 solution of rubbing alcohol & distilled white vinegar. After workout, add four drops to one ear. For 100 seconds (no more or you’ll tenderize the ear tissue) lay on side to allow fluid into ear canal. Flip over to drain fluid. Repeat for other ear. Repeat once a week for prevention.
The alcohol removes water, the vinegar kills "the bugs." This is especially good to use when the ear itches before it is infected. Remind kids not to use their fingers or anything else to scratch their ear canal. This can lead to serious injury or infection.