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To play a big role in the functioning of a swim meet, parents are encouraged to become an Official. Please contact the Officials Coordinator Heather Longmore if you are interested. 

First time families are exempt from Officials courses and duties for the first year ONLY.


How to become an Official:


1.  Take a course 

  • Sometimes the Officials courses are offered in classroom sessions at the University of Calgary in May, but all courses are available year round online. Here is the link to all of the online courses: https://www.swimming.ca/en/clinics/ Please begin with the Introduction to Swimming which includes the info to become a Timer.

  • Once any online course has been completed, please fill out this online form to confirm you get entered into the Officials database.



2. Ensure you are dressed correctly 

  • Black pants and a white golf shirt.


3.  Then Mentor

  • After completing a clinic, you are required to mentor with an experienced official in your first session working that position. This is not included as a deck evaluation with the exception of Timing where mentoring and deck evaluation happen at the same time.
  • You should advise the officials’ chairperson of the meet, when you sign up to work the meet, that you require a mentoring session so that they can place you with an appropriately experienced official.
  • At the meet, please let the Referee know that you require mentoring.  They will sign off on your “Officials Certification Card”.  They will also confirm that you have been assigned an official who can mentor you in your new role.


4.  Deck Evaluations

  • A deck evaluation for all positions (except Referee) is your second working experience on deck.
  • After one mentoring session, each session you work, is counted as one deck evaluation, with the exception of Meet Manager, which requires two meets versus sessions.
  • You will not be given a formal evaluation. 
  • You require two deck evaluations in order to be certified in a position.  Ensure that the referee has signed off on your “Officials Certification Card” for each of the two deck evaluations.
  • Ensure the certification card is signed and dated by the meet referee.


5.  Submit your documents

  • Once you have completed the mentoring session and both deck evaluations and your Certification Card is signed off, send a scanned copy of the card to the Officials Coordinator who will update your Swim Alberta Officials record. Congratulations on becoming a certified official!


To learn more about Officials Certification including the different Officials Levels and the requirements to meet each Level, please visit Swim Alberta Certification System.