Scoring Meetings:

Saturday, June 11th at 10:30 am at Greenfields Swim Club

Tuesday, June 14th at 7:00 pm at Gibbstown Swim Club

Monday, June 20th at 7:00 pm at Willowdale Swim Club 

Computer Training will be June 13th at 7pm in the Cherry Hill Library.

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There is a  MANDATORY June Representatives meeting being held on SATURDAY June 11 at Greenfields at 9 AM. 

A coach from each club must attend the Coaches Meeting on Saturday June 11, 1:30 PM at Greenfields. 

Certified Stroke/Turn officials and certified Starter/Referee Officials who attended the clinics last year(2015) need not be re-certified this year.  Your certifications are good for two years. 

Tri-County Representatives are required to be certified Stroke/Turn Officials.Those that attended last year’s (2015) training clinic need not be re-certified this year.Your certifications are good for two years. 

A member who would like to become a new Stroke/Turn or Starter/Referee official must attend a certifying clinic.  Before becoming a Starter/Referee a member must serve as a Stroke/Turn official for 2 Tri-County seasons and be currently certified as a Stroke/Turn official. 

Re-certifying Starter/Referee officials must re-certify in Stroke/Turn as well. 

The clinics to certify or re-certify as a *Stroke/Turn* or as a *Starter/Referee* official will be held as follows;

please attend one:

Saturday, June 11 - 10:00AM at Greenfields


Monday, June 13 - 5:00 PM at Willowdale 

New Officials Sign-up form Required

New Swim Club Contact form Update

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"A-Meet" Scoring Sheets

"A-Meet - 8 Lane"

Scoring Sheets

"B-Meet" Scoring Sheets

"B-Meet - 8 Lane"

Scoring Sheets

Waiver Form - PDF

Waiver Form - doc

Qualifying Times



Computer Training

Contents of Zip File

Training CD Zip File

Link to individual files

Software - TMv7 - download

Weekly Relay Times

Cherry Bowl Entry Instructions

4th and 5th Week Instructions

New Championship Entry Instruction Manual

Computer Manual

Computer Procedures

Records Procedures for weekly "A-Meets"

Meet events zip file

Instructions for generating meet entry sheets and cards

This file contains the Macro to create Meet Sheets from Team Manager

"A-Meet" mail merge word file forgenerating meet entry cards



Meetings & Clinics

Attire Guidelines

Scoring Guidelines

"B-Meet" Guidelines

Meeting Minutes

Insurance Certificate

List of Meet Officials-1

List of Meet Officials-2