2019 AD LC Championship Information


Change Notice

Psyche sheet Seeding for 1500s prior to scratches


There will be 3 sessions per day, but all events will be swum as timed finals. The 13 and over swimmers will swim in “flighted” sessions:

  • Session 1 (AM) each day will be the first heats of the 13-over events. The fastest 3 heats of 13-14 and 4 heats of 15&O will swim at Session 3 each day. For the 400 IM and 400 Free, the fastest 1 heat of 13-14 and 2 heats of 15&O will swim in Session 3.  13-14 and Senior Relays will be swum at this session.
  • Session 2 (Afternoon) each day will be the 10-U and 11-12 events - including relays.
  • Session 3 (PM) each day will be the fastest 3 heats of each 13-14 and fastest 4 heats of each 15&O event (Not including the 1500) . For the 400 free and 400 IM the fastest 1 heat of 13-14 and fastest 2 heats of 15-over will swim in this session.  All other swimmers will swim in the am session.


Friday Psyche Sheets

Fri - 13 and Over

Fri - 12 and under


Saturday Psyche Sheets

Sat - 13 and over

Sat - 12 and under


Sunday Psyche Sheets

Sun - 13 and over

At this point, there have been no scratches in the 1500.

Sun - 12 and under