Skill Levels


Beginners I:  

Focus in kicking (assisted) front and back, holding breath, immersion and flotation

  • No background in swimming
  • Able to stand at the shallow end of the pool
  • Learning how to hold breath
  • Learning how to put face in the water
  • Learning proper kick with straight legs, head down
  • Learning flotation

Moving criteria: 6 m kick front and back (unassisted)

Beginners II:

Focus on strokes (front and back) and kick (unassisted), kicking underwater, dolphin kick

  • Able to kick in front and back, with no assistance
  • Learning stroke technique front and back
  • Power front and back kick for 6 m
  • Learning fly kick

Moving criteria: 6 m free and back swim (unassisted) with clean strokes (no dragging)


Preparation to get into Intermediate groups.  Follow Beginner's I schedules, for 1 hour class.

Focus on freestyle breathing, body position, efficient freestyle and backstroke swim, power fly kick

  • Learning breathing technique in freestyle
  • Proper body position in free and backstroke
  • Able to swim 12 m free and backstroke

Moving criteria: Proper freestyle swimming (including breathing) and backstroke swimming for 12 m.

Intermediate I:

Focus on longer free and back distance (25m), learning breastroke kick and flip turns away from the wall.

  • Swimming 25 m free and back
  • Learning breastroke kick
  • Flip turns and dives

Moving criteria:  Able to swim 25m free and back, at the deep pool.  Proper breastroke kick.

Intermediate II:

Focus on butterfly and breastroke swim.  Flip turns at the wall and dives.

  • Learning butterfly swim
  • Learning breastroke pull
  • Turns & Dives

Moving criteria: Able to swim 50 m free and back.  Able to swim 25 m fly and breast.


Focus in improving the 4 strokes, in preparation to swim meets (recreational).

  • Swimming all 4 strokes
  • Learning free & back turns
  • Competitive technique development
  • Longer distance swim

Moving criteria: If the swimmer is interested in competitive swimming, then we offer recreational swim meets (Pass Meets).



Swimming the 100 IM under 2’:40”, or the 150 Free under 3’:30”. This group is expected to swim at least 3 times, but not less than 2 times per week.


Swimming the 200 IM under 4':30, or the 300 Free under 6’:00”. This group is expected to swim 3 - 4 times per week, but not less than 2 times.


Swimming 200 IM under 4', or 300 Freestyle under 5':40". This group is expected to swim 5 - 6 times per week, but not less than 4 times.


Classified swimmers as Tier 1 and Tier 2. This group is expected to swim 6 - 8 times per week, but not less than 5 times.

Swim Fitness:

Active competitive swimmers, interested to maintain fitness and improve technical performance.   Will swim with the correspondent  Competitive Group, in any of the available practices, except Delbrook Monday and Wednesday.

Participants will have the option of attending swim meets with the Team.


All levels of abilities. We will have different levels swimming at the same time, from Beginners up to Competitive. Please contact us.