Skill Levels


Beginners I:  

Focus in kicking (assisted) front and back, holding breath, immersion and flotation

  • No background in swimming
  • Able to stand at the shallow end of the pool
  • Learning how to hold breath
  • Learning how to put face in the water
  • Learning proper kick with straight legs, head down
  • Learning flotation

Moving criteria: 6 m kick front and back (unassisted)

Beginners II:

Focus on strokes (front and back) and kick (unassisted), kicking underwater, dolphin kick

  • Able to kick in front and back, with no assistance
  • Learning stroke technique front and back
  • Power front and back kick for 6 m
  • Learning fly kick

Moving criteria: 6 m free and back swim (unassisted) with clean strokes (no dragging)


Preparation to get into Intermediate groups.  

Focus on freestyle breathing, body position, efficient freestyle and backstroke swim, power fly kick

  • Learning breathing technique in freestyle
  • Proper body position in free and backstroke
  • Able to swim 12 m free and backstroke
  • Learning Breastroke kick.

Moving criteria: Proper freestyle swimming (including breathing) and backstroke swimming for 12 m.

Intermediate I:

Focus on longer free and back distance (25m), learning breastroke pull and flip turns, away from the wall.

  • Swimming 25 m free and back
  • Learning breastroke pull
  • Learning butterfly pull
  • Flip turns and dives

Moving criteria:  Able to swim 25m free and back, at the deep pool.  Proper breastroke kick.

Intermediate II:

Focus on butterfly and breastroke swim.  Flip turns at the wall and dives.

  • Learning butterfly swim
  • Learning breastroke swim
  • Turns & Dives

Moving criteria: Able to swim 50 m free and back.  Able to swim 25 m fly and breast.


Focus in improving the 4 strokes, in preparation to swim meets (recreational).

  • Swimming all 4 strokes
  • Learning free & back turns
  • Competitive technique development
  • Longer distance swim

Moving criteria: If the swimmer is interested in competitive swimming, then we offer recreational swim meets (Pass Meets).