SEASON 2020-21


SEASON 2020-21



Dear Parents and MRC family's

The registration for the Youth Program is open.

During the 2020/2020 season our participation was cut suddenly for the COVID19.

Anyway during the fall season we participated in:

  1. Head of the Charles​

  2. Battle of the Bridges 

  3. Head of the Hooch

For the Spring Season:

  1. Ergs Sprint

  2. Novice Regatta

  3. Sarasota Invitational

  4. OARS Invitational

During the season, our team had a great performance, where we won a lot of medals.

COVID19, was a wall of our life and we started doing training by zoom.

During this time, our group was present:

  1. Virtual Southeast Championship

    1. We won 6 medals and the qualification for the virtual National Championship.

  2. Virtual Youth National Championship.

    1. The Women's 2x U-17, finish in four place.

    2. Rest of the boats were on the top 12 of the event. 


Enjoy our team and bring friends, family  to increase our great team!!

Cesar Herrera

Head Coach