SEASON 2021-22


SEASON 2021-22



Dear Parents and MRC family's

The registration for the Youth Program IS OPEN!!

During the 2020/2021 season our participation was under difficult situation, but we keep alive our program.

Anyway during the fall season we participated in:

  1. Head of the Hog

  2. Channel 54 spring

  3. American Cup I

For the Spring Season:

  1. American Cup II and IV

  2. West District Championship

  3. OARS Invitational

  4. Sculling State ( 6 States Championship)

    1. ​State Champs Men's 2x ltw

    2. State Champs Girl's Junior 4x

    3. State Champs Girl's Varsity 2x

  5. Sweep State

    1. ​State Champs Men's 2-

    2. State Champs Women's Junior 4+

    3. State Champs Women's Fresh 4+

  6. Youth National 

    1. ​Youth National was a success for us,  for the first time we had 5 boats in Semifinal and two of them qualified to Final A

      1. Women's U17 4X 

      2. Men's U17 2x, Bronze medal in National!

    2. USRowing National Summer Championship 2021:

      1. ​Six Boats in Semifinal, Categories Under 17 and Under 19

      2. Men's 2x U17, Silver Medal ( 41 teams)

      3. Men's 4x U17, Silver Medal ( 30 Teams)

      4. Men's 2x U19, Four Place (57 Teams)

      5. Men's 1x U17 Boat B, (Overall, 11th Place, 41 teams)

      6. Men's 4+ U17, 8th place (27 Teams))

      7. Men's 4+ U19, 11th place (51 Teams)

      8. Men's 1x U17, 33th place (52 Teams) Our rower is 13 years old, was a great result for him.

      9. Men's 2x U23 ( 16th  Position)

      10. Men's 2x ltw U23 (Silver Medal)

      11. Men's 2x ltw Boat B U23 ( 5th Position)

      12. Men's 4x ltw U23 ( 4th Place)

      13. Men's 4+ ltw U23 (3er Position)

      14. Men's 1x ltw U23

      15. Men's 1x ltw Boat B U23

During the season, our team had a great performance, where we won a lot of medals, including 6 States Championship One Silver medal in Youth National and another Four Medals in USRowing Summer National Championship.

COVID19, was a wall of our life and we started again!!

Enjoy our team and bring friends, family  to increase our great team!!

Cesar Herrera

Head Coach