Blue Springs Financial Obligations


Financial Obligations

Membership with Team Swim Academy involves entering a contract for the season.  Following are the seasonal registration fees, fundraising fees, and contract prices per training group for the 2020-2021 season.  

Registration Fees

All practice groups, except for the Non-Competitive/Conditioning-Only Programs, are subject to the following seasonal registration fees:

USA Swimming Registration -- $76 per swimmer

Administrative Fee -- $105 for 1st swimmer ($95 for each additional swimmer per family.) Administrative fee includes 1 team t-shirt and one latex team swim cap for swimmers registered by November 1. T-shirt and cap are to be worn at meets.


To keep prices as affordable as possible and to help with the purchase and upkeep of team equipment, all practice groups, except for the Non-Competitive/Conditioning-Only Programs, are subject to the following seasonal fundraising obligation. 

Family Fundraising Obligation -- $300 per family

(The first half of fundraising is due by February 15, 2021.  The second half is due by July 15, 2021. The fundraising obligation may be met through participation in fundraisers, or families may buy-out of the fundraising obligation at any time by contacting the team administrator.  Any fundraising obligation not met by the deadline will be billed and collected automatically with the next monthly contract payment using the payment method placed on file at time of registration. The fundraising obligation will be pro-rated to $150.00 per family for any family/swimmer joining March 1, 2021 or after. Please note that monies either earned through fundraising efforts or donations can only be applied to the fundraising obligation. Such monies cannot be credited to an account for payment of other fees. Any amounts raised/donated over the $300 obligation will be accepted as an in-kind donation to the Team Swim Academy program.)

Contract Pricing per Training Group

Families have the choice of paying contract fees upfront, or they may divide them into 12 monthly payments. (If completing late registration, the contract fee will be pro-rated, and payments will be divided among the remaining billing periods for the season.) Please note contracts are priced by season, which typically run 11 months:  September until the end of July/early August. However, contract payments are divided into 12 payments, allowing families the greatest amount of time to pay-off contract fees. Families are welcome at any time to login to their team accounts to make additional payments toward their contract balance so that they may pay it off in fewer than 12 months. Please note, however, payments made are stored as a team credit and applied to each month's invoice, which may include meet fees or other team fees. Keep that in mind when making additional payments.

Novice -- $1080 per season / $90 per month -- 12 payments

Age Group -- $1320 per season / $110 per month -- 12 payments

Advance Age Group -- $1620 per season / $135 per month -- 12 payments

Senior Group -- $1860 per season / $155 per month -- 12 payments

Swim meet fees are separate and billed at time of meet sign-up. Families may login to their team accounts to pay meet fees at the time they are invoiced, or they may wait for them to be automatically collected with the contract payment on the first of each month. 

Non-Competitive/Conditioning-Only Programs
(Non-Competitive/Conditioning-Only programs are not pro-rated.)

10-Week Programs
8 & Under (up to 2 practices per week / 1 hour each) -- $200 one-time, up-front fee.
12 & Under (up to 3 practices per week / 1.5 hours each) -- $250 one-time, up-front fee. 
13 & Over (up to 3 practices per week / 1.5 hours each) -- $250 one-time, up-front fee.
13 & Over (up to 5 practices per week / 1.5 hours each) -- $350 one-time, up-front fee.

The 2020-2021 swim season will begin September 1st.  The season will end at the completion of long course competition, which will end sometime late July/early August 2021.  The final contract payment is collected August 1, 2021 -- at the completion of the season.  Please note holiday breaks, end-of-short-course-season and end-of-long-course-season breaks are taken into account in contract pricing; therefore full monthly payments are required even during months that include breaks. 


Swimmers (except the Senior group) may, with 30 days written notice, terminate a contract with Team Swim Academy. The following will apply to all terminated contracts:

  • Final date to submit a written notice of termination is May 1, 2021 (notice must be received by business manager Julie Sturman no later than May 1, 2021) for termination of a contract to take place at the conclusion of the month of May. All contracts will be ineligible for termination after May 30th, meaning that written notification must be received by May 1 in order to terminate.
  • At the time of termination, all fundraising commitments and/or volunteer obligations must be paid in full in addition to any other outstanding balances including but not limited to swim meet fees.
  • A termination fee of 15% of the remaining contract balance (monthly payments) must be paid to be released from a contract. A full month’s payment will be applied for payments that are due between the notice of termination and the end of 30 days. Example: If written notification is received April 15th, full dues will be applied on May 1st. 15% of payments for June, July, and August would then be due to terminate the contract and the remaining monthly payments.