If I miss the specified registration dates, can I still sign my child up?

Absolutely! All we ask is to schedule a date and time to allow us to have the appropriate people there to help you through the registration process to conduct a swim evaluation for your child. You can contact a club official through the "contact us" tab on the left bar of the webpage. 

Why is a USA swimming membership required for certain groups?

An annually renewed USA swimming membership is required because USA swimming is the organization that provides insurance coverage for USA swim clubs, of which PCA is a member. This coverage applies not only to meets, but includes activities involved in swim practices/dryland workouts as well. No swimmer who is not a registered USA athlete will be permitted to swim in lanes with USA registered athletes. 

Why can’t developmental swimmers swim in the same lanes as USAS swimmers?

USA swimming insurance will not cover any incident resulting in injury unless every swimmer in the lane in which the injury occurred is a registered USAS swimmer.

What is the difference between USAS and Developmental?

  1. Practice frequency. Developmental groups will practice less frequently than USAS swimmers and will have separate coaches.
  2. Meets. USA sanctioned meets are highly competitive and involve multiple clubs from around the state and midwest. Non-USAS swimmers will not be eligible to compete in any USA sanctioned club meets. Developmental meets will be local non-USA competition only. 
  3. USAS groups will train at a higher competitive level and will have higher expectations of involvement. USAS swimmers will generally improve more rapidly than Developmental swimmers in terms of speed and skill in the water. Developmental will be more geared towards teaching strokes and/or maintaining skills that have already been learned.

Can my child switch from Developmental to USAS?

Yes. Any swimmer meeting minimum PCA club criteria may register as a USA swimming member at any time. As soon as the athlete registration is completed and appropriate USA swim registration fee is submitted, the child can immediately join a USAS group pending swim evaluation/ability requirements.

Can my child swim on the Summer Developmental team in addition to USAS group?

Yes. However, both insurance fees will have to be paid as well as both group fees simultaneously.

Can a USAS swimmer swim in summer developmental meets?

Only if that swimmer is registered and paying fees for both programs for the duration of the summer session.

Do I have to pay for practices my child misses?

Naturally, swimmers will have to miss practices from time to time. However, fees will not change regardless of the number of practices attended in that session/season. Parents will be consulted after a swimmer is evaluated/promoted to ensure understanding of changing fees. Special circumstances such as injury/extended absence due to various reasons will be reviewed by the PCA board and an account freeze will be considered.

Can parents watch practice/lessons from the pool deck?

Parents are not permitted to remain on the deck level of the pool. Parents are welcome to watch from the above spectator area in the natatorium. The reason for this is two-fold. First, USA/PCA swim insurance does not cover parent injuries resulting from any incident that happens on the pool deck. Second, PCA supports its’ coaches/instructors and finds it unnecessary for parents to additionally instruct/coach children from the deck. Certified lifeguards will be monitoring the pools at all times when there is any activity in the water.

What do “LCM” and “SCY” stand for?

LCM = Long Course Meters. Most summer season meets (with exception of developmental team meets) are swum in this format, which is a pool length of 50 meters (Olympic size).

SCY = Short Course Yards. All fall/winter season meets are swum in this format, which is a pool length of 25 yards.