Tiger Shark Swim Club FAQ's

•   Hey, do you understand how busy kids are today?

TSSC coaches all know kids are busy, but they also know that swimming is one of the best lifetime fitness activities available and that it builds character and individual and team-member confidence. Our swimmers are dedicated and trends over the years show that those involved in swimming have performed better at school and in extracurricular events. TSSC coaches hope that all kids will attend at least three practices a week, but we all know that those who go the extra mile will see better results. 

•   What should families and swimmers expect during the year?

TSSC's program runs roughly from the first week of September through early March and from mid-April through late July. 

•   What should swimmers bring to a meet?

Beyond energy and enthusiasm, swimmers are most comfortable when they have a swim bag that contains a towel or two, appropriate deck footwear, a snack and a non-carbonated or non-dairy drink. TSSC requires swimmers to wear the team swimsuit and a team swim cap. This is not a maybe. Beyond the matter of team building, coaches, parents and officials all need a way to better identify swimmers, and those swimmers who ignore this policy will find that they get less deck instruction during a meet and that they are less available for identification when needed. Goggles are required of all swimmers, and outdoor summer meets call for UV-protected, polarized goggles for your protection.

•   How will swimmers know when to swim at a meet?

Parents and swimmers should communicate when the parent registers the swimmer for a meet. Please record the events you register a swimmer for. TSSC coaches will do their best to remind families in advance of a meet. Coming into a meet, swimmers will usually only know their event and event number. Every swimmer will be shown how to read a heat sheet which lists the events, heat, and lane a swimmer is assigned. 

•   How do I know when my child will swim?

Parents generally register their child(ren) for events. You should know the event and event numbers prior to any meet session (through signup or through email). There will be heat sheets for sale at admissions or concessions on the day of the meet. 

•   How often do swimmers practice?

The more you practice the better swimmer you become! A swimmer does not need to be at all practices to be on the team.  However, each swimmer is encouraged to practice as often as they can. 

•   How do coaches decide which events my child will swim in a meet?

Coaches decide based on observations made at practices. A swimmer may request a specific  event but it is ultimately the decision of the coach if it will be a good fit.

•   Who should compete in the meets?

Although not required, all swimmers are encouraged to swim at TSSC suggested meets. Away meets provide a good opportunity for exposure to more competition. At away meets and at conference, swimmers need to positive check-in by highlighting their name or checking in with their coach who will do it for them--most meets require the swimmer or parent of a swimmer to positively check in, and a parent or swimmer who forgets to do so will find that the swimmer is scratched from the meet. Do not positively check in for a swimmer that you have not observed present at the meet session. Away meets can be single day events or 2, 3 or 4 day events and they offer swimmers and families a great chance for short daytime competition trips or full-weekend competition trips.

•   Will there be concessions at meets?

Concessions at meets vary substantially from one team to the next. During the Fall/Winter Season, concessions will often include a mix of pizza, subs or other items with fruits, veggies and other snacks.  There will almost certainly be Gatorade, pop and water for sale as well. Summer concessions are more limited (usually to Gatorade, pop and water and a small offering of candy.)