Our Mission Statement: Inspire, educate, and equip for excellence in swimming and life.
Our Core Values:  Integrity, Family, Attitude, Ambition

Foxjets Swim Team is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Charitable Trust, registering 350-400 swimmers per year, fielding more than 300 swimmers in each of the two swimming seasons: Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer.

Swimmers are divided into 15 training groups led by top quality, full-time professional coaches. Foxjets' highly experienced head coaches hold nationally-rated elite coaching positions (the Head Coach and Head Age Group Coach). The group Lead Coaches are also highly experienced, each having between 20-40 years in the sport. Assistant Coaches, who assist the Lead Coaches, are also very knowledgeable, many of whom have been coaching 10+ years.

The team believes that excellence-based programming should include a wide variety of ages, interest levels and ability. To meet the needs of varied abilities and interests, while moving forward toward competitive success, the team tiers its swim groups through an increasingly-challenging training structure. Each training group comprises a building block in the program, with heightened skills and techniques building upon each other at each level. Technique, skills, and training are blended appropriately for each group’s ability level.

The team trains at four facilities: Eden Prairie Community Center, Oak Point Intermediate School, and International School of Minnesota (all in Eden Prairie) and Richfield Municipal Pool (Richfield). The Eden Prairie facilities are used year-round. The Richfield pool is used during the spring and summer to augment the Eden Prairie facilities.

Foxjets Swim Team is a member of Minnesota Swimming, which is one of the 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) that comprise USA Swimming. USA Swimming is the national governing body for amateur swimming in the United States, and Foxjets Swim Team follows their operational model:

  • Build The Base
  • Promote The Sport
  • Achieve Competitive Success

Foxjets Swim Team invites and welcomes new swimmers year-round. Access our New Swimmer Mondays page to set up an appointment for skill assessment/placement on the team.