Please Note for both Training Groups:

- Basic practice equipment is provided by Summit Pool,kick board,pull buoy,and fins. If you own your own equipment, you are welcome to bring it. 

-Everyone should bring a Plastic water bottle and mark it with your name.


Age Group

Age group is our group that most Blaze swimmers will start in after taking the Introduction to Competitive swimming & the Blaze Developmental team. Swimmers must be able to swim all four competitive strokes legally. They will tap into the more competitive side of swimming and are continuously working on improving their technique. They will practice learning to read the pace clock and will begin to do simple intervals. In this group we also start to put an emphasis on more endurance work as they proceed through a season. This group is a preparatory group for our Select Group. The general age of this group ages from 7-12. Swimmers in Age Group are highly encouraged to participate in swim meets in or out of town. Practices are offered every night and are an hour and thirty minutes long.

Select Group

The Select Group is made up of swimmers that are prepared to take their swimming to the next level. Swimmers must be able to swim all four competitive strokes, starts and turns legally. With the continuation of stroke work, the intensity of this group is much higher than Age Group. Knowing how to read a pace clock and how to do intervals are required for this group. Practices will consist of aerobic and anaerobic sets along with endurance work, geared for competitions/meets. This group will be learning to take responsibility for their practice habits and how hard they work when they’re in the water. A mesh bag with a kick board, pull buoy, paddles and snorkel are highly encouraged. Swimmers are required to swim one home meet and two local or away meets. To be in this group, the Blaze coaches will determine the swimmers who are ready for this group. This group usually ages from 12-18.

Introduction to Competitive Swimming Class

This will give your potential swimmer a chance to "test the waters," before joining the Blaze team. They will be introduced to all four competitive strokes, learn drills, starts, turns, rules of the sport, and information they should know, before being on a team.  There will be 8 X 45 minutes classes.  Cost $75

Introduction to Competitive Swimming