Swim Gear

Palmetto Aquatics Swim Gear


Required Practice Gear -All swimmers are to have a competitive suit to practice in. You do not have to have a team racing suit, only a competitive suit. Girls = one piece suit only. Boys = speedos &/or jammers. No long swim trunks. Also, every swimmer must have a pair of fins that they own and bring to practice every day. All Blue, Silver, Age-Group Elite, Junior, and Senior Team members are required to own a mesh bag to maintain and transport swim gear. Senior and Junior Team swimmers will need to get a pair of ankle locks, hand paddles, and a snorkel.  Please see the equipment list below.

Required Swim Meet Gear- All swimmers competing in meets must have the following gear: team swim suit, team swim cap (if you wear one), a team bag, and team t-shirt. All Sr. Team and Jr. Team members must order a team warm-up suit or team parka for meets.

 All our swimming gear can be purchased through our Speedo dealer:       
 a) Visit Augusta Swim Supply. 

 b) Click "Teams"

 c) Enter User ID: Palmetto, Password: 1234.

Phone: 888-799-SWIM.

Palmetto Aquatics Equipment Requirements


  Fins Goggles Practice Suit Cap Meet Gear Mesh Bag Snorkel Paddles Tempo Trainer
Fledgling X X X X
Blue X X X
Silver X X
Age-Group Elite