Narrows Swim Club

Narrows Swim Club

Narrows Swim Club(NSC) is a branch of Narrows Aquatic Association (NAA) which runs water polo programs and other aquatic programs in Gig Harbor. 

1) When and where are practices? 

At Gig Harbor High School for Senior and Intermdiate Groups

  • Monday - Friday evening 7:00 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. for Intermediate Swimmers.  7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. for Senior Swimmers

At Peninsula High School for Novice Swimmers and Intermediates with a Novice sibling

  • Monday 7:00-8:00, Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-8:30 p.m.


2) Who are the coaches?

Senior and Administrative Coach -- 

Intermediate Coach - Hillary Bergren

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Hillary has enjoyed coaching for the Narrows since 2017. For Narrows, Hillary primarily coaches the intermediate group and enjoys working on technique, athletic focus, and helping each swimmer feel strong and confident. Hillary grew up in California and has lived in Gig harbor since 2004 with her husband and daughter. She swam competitively throughout her childhood on the Gilroy Gators Swim Team, in High School, and for two years of College at West Valley College in Saratoga, California. Hillary also played water polo in High School and College. Hillary has coached swimming on and off for much of her adult life and loves being involved with anything swimming related. Hillary continues to swim as a USA Masters swimmer. In addition to swim coaching, Hillary works as a graphic designer, screen printer, and creative maker.

Novice/Intermediate Coach - Cathy Barmore

Novice/Intermediate Coach - Katya Andren

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Novice/Intermdiate Coach - Jianna Link

3) What ages and skill levels are eligible to participate in Narrows Swim Club?

We accept ages 4-18 in our competitive swimming program but really its more about ability and desire to improve. In general, we look for athletes to be able to complete 25 yards of each of crawl stroke and backstroke without stopping or Peninsula School District lesson level 7.  If you are not sure whether your child is ready, come have an evaluation by one of our coaches. Arrange it by emailing [email protected] Our goal is to serve athletes who are looking to improve, so while athletes need not be elite level to join…our workouts are challenging and we expect all our athletes to work hard and improve everyday.

4) How much does it cost?

We have put together a program fee structure using the following principles:

 The operating expenses of the club are covered by dues and we do not rely on charging families for mandatory fundraising and volunteer hours. We are committed to running a club that has sound financial footing and charging the members of the club exactly what it costs to run a quality program. Occasional fundraising efforts happen for large events, or special projects such as trips for training and trips to bigger competitions.

A) Registration -- All members of NSC must pay an annual registration fee of $110 which gets them membership with USA Swimming, an NSC t-shirt and an NSC cap. 

B) Monthly Dues --

Novice Swimmer - $70 per month with 3, one hour practices per week

Intermediate Swimmer - $140 per month with up to 6, one hour and thirty minute practices per week.

Senior Swimmer - $190 per month with up to 6, two hour practices per week

2) NAA Water Polo athlete -140/month (must be concurrently enrolled in NAA program)

3) High school aquatics athlete – 90/month (must be concurrently in HS aquatic sport)


                        a.  Athletes/families must commit to a minimum of 3 months with NSC

                        b.  Athletes will only get reduced rate for the months that they are                                                                                                                                                              involved with NWP and/or High School Aquatics

C)  Meet fees – The average athletes will attend between 10 meets per year and they cost about 40 each. 

Equipment – A team suit is required for meets.  Goggles, snorkel, fins and hand paddles are strongly suggested.  (Note that there are some fins available at the pool but most swimmers like to have their own.) 

D) Fundraising – not required.

E) Volunteer Hours – not required.

Total cost paid to club for a Senior Swimmer throughout year is as follows including meet fees:

Registration  $110 
Annual Dues (11 month) $2,090
Meet Fees (approx.)  $240
Total $2,440

13 & over swimmers will be averaging 12 hours per week of training for 48 weeks =  576 hours. This means that the per-hour cost of training with Narrows Swim Club is about $3.91, which includes registration, dues, and meet fees.

Intermediate Swimmers pay about 1750 over the course of a year, and train about 9.5 hours per week, so 456 hours over the course of the season.  That comes to $3.83/hr.  

5) Do you have a part time program?

We do not have a part time program per-se mainly because a team comprised of part time swimmers does not meet our goal to create a culture of excellence in swimming. That said, we understand that some swimmers are involved in activities that are beneficial to swimming, and some athletes are already a part of Narrows Aquatics Water Polo programs. Thus, we do have a “cross-training” option for athletes who are 1) actively in a high school aquatic sport or 2) enrolled in another Narrows Aquatics program. All athletes interested in cross training must also be approved by the head coach who will determine whether cross- training is a good fit for both the athlete and our club. The cross-training rate only applies to athletes during the time frame that they are actively enrolled in a high school sport or narrows water polo and cross training athletes must commit and pay for 3 months of dues in addition to the registration fee (only charged once per year). Outside of these conditions, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate part-time athletes. The dues rate for athletes concurrently in a high school aquatic sport is 90/month. The dues rate for athletes currently enrolled in our club water polo program is 140/month.

6) How do athletes join Narrows Swimming Club?

 Outside of the annual registration every September, interested athletes can arrange a 1 week try out and attend practices to see if the club is a good fit for them---simply email [email protected] to set it up!

7) My athlete is interested but not quite ready or cannot swim well enough yet...what should I do?  

Our advice is to get them into the water as much as possible.  Peninsula School district offers solid lessons at very good rates.  A child who is motivated in their lesson programs can usually be ready for our novice group pretty quick.  The YMCA is also a good option.  


8) What equipment is required?

Athletes that register for Narrows Swimming Club receive a cap and a t-shirt with registration. Athletes will need to purchase a team suit (or more likely two) which they will be required to wear to meets; a snorkel; fins; goggles and our specific hand paddles. There is limited equipment available at the pool so it will be better for athletes to have their own, with the exception of a kickboard. We have an online store set up at for equipment, team apparel and team suits.  

9) Do you offer a sibling discount?

No, we do not currently offer a sibling discount. We feel our rates are very competitive with other swimming cubs in the area. 

10) If I was a member of another USA Swimming club, are there any extra steps to registration?

Yes - you need to fill out a transfer form and mail it to Pacific NW Swimming, our local USA swimming chapter along with a 5$ transfer fee.  The transfer form is available here.  Fill it out and mail the payment to Pacific NW Swimming. The address is on the form.