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 Families interested in our program are welcome to try out our team for up to a week at no charge.

Contact us about our program to find out about us and to schedule a visit.  



Joining DART at Sacramento


For those wishing to be a part of DART at Sacramento, take some time to complete the following steps to join the team:


1. Fill out the team registration online. (Located on the left menu column.)


2. Register with USA Swimming using 

  • Use SN-DART for your team.
  • Choose either Flex, Season 1 or Year Round 
  • If you need to know their USA Swimmer ID, the formula is as follows: date of birth, first 3 letters of legal first name, first letter middle name, and first 4 letters of last name. 
    • Jack David Smith born on 02/14/2004 would be 021404JACDSMIT. It is always 14 characters so if you have no middle name or your name has less letters in it than the formula requires, an asterisk (*) will be put in that spot as a place holder (ie. 090201DAVCFRY* or 080399MAR*BLAC)

3. Create and Account at and

  • At Swim Connection, you will track your swimmer’s times and grab meet results.
  • Use Swim Connection Online Meet Entry (OME) to enter most of the meets that your child swims in. Most meets will close very quickly so you will want to enter promptly after receiving guidelines from your coach about what events to enter.





What kind of USA Swimming membership should I sign up for?


- Swimmers in our Fall sessions may use the Flex membership as it is an inexpensive way to get many of the perks of year-round swimming without the cost. 


- Those wanting to participate in more meets but still return to rec swimming can use the Individual membership which is still a savings from the year round membership and ends at the end of January, right about when you would need to be out of the water.


- Swimmers who will compete year round would choose the Premimum membership covering all training and meets for the entire season. 



What is Team Unify?


Team Unify is the platform our team uses for billing, dispersing information to our families, and signing up and logging volunteer hours and timing shifts. It has many functions from maintaining our swimmer/member database to providing parents with attendance information. You should log into your account when it is set up and verify that all contact and mailing information is correct. You may add emails, phone numbers, photos of your swimmers, and edit information associated with your account. There may be portions of the website that require login for access such as our team roster or special information intended for members only. 



How do I transfer my swimmer to DART at Sacramento from another team?


Swimmers transferring representation from one club to another must do so according to Article 303 of the Code of USA-S. Swimmers must apply for transfer to unattached status by writing to the Registration Chairman (Mark Brown, stating the swimmer's name, address, birth date, name of club from which transferring, date of last competition with that club, and name of new club (DART) to which the swimmer intends to attach after completion of the 120-day unattached period. The swimmer must pay a $1.00 service fee (make check payable to Sierra Nevada Swimming) and return the current Registration card.