JOIN Information

smiley Summer 2019 ~ BEGINNER SWIM TEAM July & August at Hueneme High School pool - details below

  • If you have, or know of, a swimmer who is not quite up to the skills needed for CIA's year round Swim Team, CIA will have Beginner Swimming available in the evenings this July and August between the hours of 5:00-6:45PM.  Anyone interested should use the CONTACT US feature on the team website:  More details below.


CIA Tryouts are available year round by prior email appointment - CONTACT US.  Typically, that means a week day around 5:15PM at Oxnard Aquatic Center.

Channel Islands Aquatics “CIA” is a competitive swim team. Some level of basic swim skill is assumed prior to entry onto the swim team.  

CIA Tryout Basics

Minimum age: recommended age is at least 7 years old, but particularly strong swimmer as young as 6 years old will be considered.

For proper group placement on to the team, CIA coaches must assess your swimmer's current ability level. In cases where the swimmer's abilities are not quite to the level that we can accept directly onto the team, coaches will recommend an appropriate course of action.

Please CONTACT US to make an appointment to tryout.  Limited time, space and coaching resources make it difficult to offer on-demand tryout appointments.

Swimmer safety is our primary concern. Swimmers attempting a tryout need to be able to minimally demonstrate the skills below.  These are equivalent to Red Cross Level 5 swim lessons.  Potential swim team swimmers are strongly encouraged to complete at least Level 5 and preferably Level 6 before requesting a tryout.

For entry onto the swim team, each swimmer must demonstrate:

  • One length of freestyle, with the ability to keep his/her head in the water, eyes down, and turn to the side to breathe.
  • One length of backstroke, demonstrating a level of comfort on is/her back in the water.
  • The ability to successfully complete a somersault or freestyle flip turn in the water.
  • Demonstrated maturity to listen and take verbal as well as visual instruction from on deck.

For advanced entry onto the swim team:

  • The ability to swim breaststroke with a legal kick, where both feet turn out for a proper breaststroke kick (not a "scissor" kick).
  • The ability to execute a dolphin kick, where both feet/legs kick at the same time and do not alternate (do not "flutter").

 smiley Beginner Swim Team:

  • Swimmer must be comfortable in the water.
  • Ability to float on front and back in a relaxed state.
  • Ability to submerge face and blow bubbles in the water.