How to "take a BREAK"


If for any reason your swimmer/member needs to take a break, all we ask is that you give advanced notice.  Please us the CONTACT US button prior to the 1st of the month so charges do not occur. 

SWIMMERS BREAK: The swimmer/member account will be “suspended” as of the date your notice is received.   For example, if your email notice is sent on or after the 1st of the month, your account has already been auto-billed so you are responsible for dues that month.  The following month(s) will not be billed to your account.

SWIMMER RETURN:  Once your swimmer/member wishes to return, CONTACT US before the 1st of the month.  If your notice is received before the 1st of the month, your swimmer can begin swimming on the 1st.  If your email is received after the 1st of the month, your swimmer can swim, but dues will be charged at the regular rate, not the special auto-pay savings.

*We do not suspend memberships July 1st through August 31st. 

RECAP to take a BREAK:

1. Use the CONTACT US button to notify team administrators prior to the month you want to start a break.

2. Wait for confirmation email, if one is not received, follow up with another email, phone call or speak to a coach on deck.

3. CIA does not prorate monthly dues. 

4. Auto-pay happens on the 1st of each month.

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.

*As summer approaches, we want to remind everyone about the team policy of suspending your swimmer's membership during summer months. 

If your swimmer needs to take time off from swimming with CIA during summer, you need to notify the team VIA EMAIL at least 5 days before July 1. Please use the "CONTACT US" button on the CIA website.  Memberships will be frozen between July 1 - August 31.  This means that members will not be able to suspend or activate their accounts between July 1 - August 31.  Registration for ALL swimmers will take place on September 1. 

Thank you for your understanding and please email us through the "CONTACT US" on the CIA website if you have any questions.