All participants must receive an evaluation to be placed into Group Lessons, Pre-School Group Lessons, Pre-Competitive or Stroke Clinics.  To receive an evaluation please email the lesson coordinator at to schedule your evaluation on the dates listed below.  You must have a scheduled time to attend an evaluation. We do not accept walk-ins for evaluations.   

Evaluations for Summer 2018:

June 2 from 1 to 3 at SFP

June 16 from 1 to 3 at EMACs Outdoor Location

June 22 from 10 to 12 at EMACs Outdoor Location

More Dates Will Be Offered after June 22 for the Summer.  Contact the coordinator at

Commonly Asked Questions About Evaluations:

What should I expect at the evaluation? Your child will be evaluated on our Advancement Skills.Evaluations will last between 5-10 minutes.  No skills will be taught. Evaluations are an assessment on your swimmers abilities and our Advancement Skills through the SwimAmerica Program.  

My child previously was in lessons does my child need an evaluation? Yes. To properly place your child in the correct level your child will need to be evaluated prior to registering. The ONLY exception is if your child is enrolled in the session prior to the session you are registering for.   

For Example: 1. You are registering in the Fall 1 Session.  Your child swam in the previous Summer Session.  An evaluation is not required.  2.  You are registering in the Fall 1 Session.  Your child swam in Spring 1 Session. An evaluation is required

Please keep in mind - registering without an evaluation or registering in the Wrong Class can result in the Wrong Class Fee being applied. 

Why does my child need to have an evaluation? Placement in an appropriate group is necessary for participants safety. Participants can advance and regress during lapses in formal lesson programs.

Will my child have to repeat a Level class base on the evaluation?  Advancement is based on the skills they demonstrate.  Shall a swimmer not pass the advancement skill to move to the next level they may register in the same Level Class several of times until they have met the requirements to move.

What lessons does my child need to have an evaluation for? Participants registering in the Group Lessons Levels 1-10, Pre-Competitive, or Pre-School Group Lessons must have an evaluation. Participants registering in Parent/Child Classes or Privates do not need an evaluation.

Where are evaluations held? All evaluations are held at SFP.  During the summer months outdoor evaluations and lessons are offered at our outdoor location - Location for the summer will be listed next to the date.  Address and directions can be found HERE

What happens after the evaluation? Swimmers will be given an Assigned Level Group on an Evaluation Form to register for.  Swimmers must register in the Assigned Level Group.

How do you Register after the evaluation is conducted? All Registration is completed online during Open Registration. Shall you miss registering during open registration it is unlikely that their will be an opening once the Session Begins.   Session Dates can be found HERE.  Lesson Schedule can be found HERE.  **** Please note the Lesson Schedule will not be available until 1 week prior to open registration..