Team Gear

Swim Equipment - listed below:
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You can order directly on line - ship to your door through Pannell Swim Shop - RACE Aquatics team store page (CLICK HERE) or Swim Outlet (click under sponsors to your left).  You can also check with Amazon to see if they have similar items (for cheaper).  If they do, please, click on the Amazon drop-down box and do all online shopping through the Amazon Smile charity donation program.  You get the same great prices and RACE gets a % of all sales!  Both Amazon Smile and Swim Outlet provide fundraising dollars back to RACE Aquatics.  Team Suits are NOT mandatory, please get the practice and tech suit that works best for your swimmer.  It's possible suits may be ordered at the beginning of the season but, they are not required.  Please check all locations for best pricing, sales, shipping and returns.  


Swim Equipment - (what your child needs for their training groups):

The 2017-2018 Equipment List.
Please have your equipment for your training group.

If you are joining later than September 18, please have your equipment within 2 weeks of joining RACE. 

You can buy some of your equipment through the team store. Login to your RACE account first and the Team Store will pop up as a tab at the top of the page. You can also buy a team suit here.  (click here to go to the TEAM STORE) then log in

Equipment the first few items are requirements for all groups.  Under each group topic, there are a few additional items required for that group.

All groups are required to have (the first 5) items listed here:

  • Water Bottle (1 liter minimum)
  • Swim suit (1 practice suit / 1 competitive team suit)
  • Goggles (2 pair)
  • Swim caps (practice cap / competitive cap)
  • Fins (comparable to shoe size) - 

  • Additional Equipment items per group:
  • Developmental I, II, III & Training Group I
    • No special equipment (other than the first 5 items above)
  • Training Group II
    In addition to the first 5 items above.
  • Pre-Senior & Seniors I & II   (in addition to the first 5 items above)
    • Composition / log books (pens or pencil)
    • Power paddles (for freestyle)  - stroke maker swim paddles
    • Smaller size paddles for alternate strokes
      --Girls = size 1 or 2  /&/ smaller stroke paddles 0 or 0.5
      --Boys = size 2  or 3 /&/ smaller stroke paddles 0.5 or 1
    • Snorkels (Finis) - (Either Amazon or team store on our site)
    • Tempo Trainers (Finis) - (order through Amazon smile or team store)
    • Pull buoy (Jr size if under 5 feet tall)
    • Exercise Resistance Cords (check out Wal-Mart) - good for all levels
    • Medicine Ball (check out Wal-Mart)
      • 4 - 6 lbs (PSR)
      • 6 - 8 lbs (SR I)
      • 8 - 12 lbs (SR II)
    • ​All swim items above can also be purchased through Swim Outlet.