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International High Performance Program-Canada

International High Performance Program - Application

High Performance Group

The Mississauga Aquatic Club’s High-Performance Swim Program is a fully integrated and supported nation leading program.  The goal of the program is to provide the coaching, tools, education and support that will allow our athletes to evolve into university and international high-performance swimmers. 

Kevin Anderson – Head Coach

Kevin is a leading national level coach in Canada.  His athletes have broken national records, national age group records and have gone on to represent Canada on the international stage including the Olympic Games.  He is a NCCP Level 4 coach and holds a High-Performance Coaching Diploma from the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary.  Before leading the turn around of the Mississauga Aquatic Club Kevin was also instrumental in returning the University of Calgary Dinos into National Champions!  He has coached on Canada’s National Junior Teams and the World University Games Team as well as many Provincial Coaching assignments including the 2017 Canada Games.

Rob Rupf – Physiologist

Rob is an experienced national team physiologist and he works specifically with identifying training adaptations and fatigue.  Blood lactate testing is conducted every 6-7 weeks to monitor changes in fitness and providing specific aerobic training speeds for the athletes.  Wellness questionnaires are utilised each morning before workout.  Over time this provides a baseline for the athletes’ fitness vs their fatigue.  At the end of each day Rob requires the athletes to provide feedback on their perceived exertion.  Rob is currently doing his PHD.

Dr. Greg Wells – Performance Education

Dr. Wells is a renowned sport scientist in Canadian sport.  He provides the education program for our athletes in the form of 6 online modules:

  • Setting Powerful Goals
  • Sleeping Soundly
  • Thinking Clearly
  • Eating Smarter
  • Recover and Regenerate Faster
  • Perform Better (tapering and mental skills)

Darren Turner – Strength and Conditioning

Darren is the lead strength and conditioning expert at UTM.  Darren develops and implements the strength and conditioning program relative to the yearly plan and works hand-in-hand with Head Coach Kevin Anderson.  Darren leads the athletes through 3 strength sessions each week.

Dr. Ben Fryer (Dynamic Health & Performance) – Prehab and Rehab Specialist

Dr. Ben is our injury prevention or rehabilitation guru.  He has a sixth sense of how to help our athletes either deal with an injury and return to full training quickly or tackle any potential strength, flexibility or mobility issues.  Through Ben’s company he provides education sessions to our coaches or training squads throughout our program on injury prevention.


Junior National Group

This group is primarily focused on competing at the Canadian Junior Championships and Eastern Canadian Championships.  Training is structured around the Train to Compete area of Long Term Athlete Development.  As with the High Performance Group, attendance and commitment must remain high to swim in this group and swimming is the sport priority of all athletes.  Girls 13 and up and Boys 14 and up are eligible to be invited into this squad. 

High Performance Age Group

This group is primarily focused on competing at the Ontario Provincial Championships.  This group is focused on qualifying for and competing at the Provincial levels while at the same time working to attain national standards such as Eastern Canadian Championships and Canadian Junior National qualifying times. Swimmers in this group will spend a great deal of training time consolidating and refining their strokes and skills and will increase fitness and endurance. Intensive dry land conditioning will also be a key element.  Girls 11-13 and Boys 12-14 are eligible to be invited into this squad.

Regional Performance Programs – These programs are designed around getting the athletes prepared to represent our club at Regional Championship level meets.  Swimmers in these groups are primarily working on consolidating and refining technical skills and improving their physical endurance in order to progress to higher levels of training and competition.

Regional Senior Group

This group is primarily for 13 and over.  These swimmers will be striving to compete at the Regional Championship with their eye on qualifying for Provincial Championship meets.  More advanced dry land conditioning will be included at this level.  This group will also participate in training camps.

Regional Junior Group

This group is primarily for swimmers that are 12-14 years of age.  These swimmers will be striving to compete at the Regional Championship with their eye on qualifying for Ontario Provincial Championship meets and Ontario Festival Championships.  This group will also participate in training camps.

Regional Development

This group is for swimmers 13 and over that are working on consolidating skills and building their fitness.  This group will be working on qualifying for and competing at the Regional Championships.  The volume of training is not as much and allows for the athlete to participate in other sports and activities.  All athletes must compete at Regional Championships and local meets if they are in this group.

12 and Under Groups

Blue – These are swimmers aged 10-12.  These squads are committed to a more intensive training program with an eye on qualifying and competing at the Ontario Festival Championships.

Orange – These are primarily 10 and under swimmers focused on qualifying and competing at the local level while trying to qualify for the Ontario Festival Championships and Central Region Championship level.

White – These squads are for 10 and under swimmers.  These groups of 10 & under swimmers are focused on developing excellent technical skills, improving aerobic fitness and developing body awareness and coordination. These swimmers will have a program designed to enhance their chance of a successful and lengthy swimming career.  Emphasis from the coaches will be on skill acquisition and fitness as much as meet performance.  They swim 3 times each week and take part in local competitions throughout the year. 

Wave Programs

Wave - These groups are the Mississauga Aquatic Clubs introduction to competitive swimming.  They swim twice each week and participate in 3 local competitions throughout the year.  These swim meets are designed to introduce them to competition and get them feeling comfortable in the competitive environment.  These swimmers will learn how to set goals for self-improvement as they progress from one competitive opportunity to another.  Teaching the skills of champion swimmers in an enjoyable atmosphere is the primary focus in these groups.