Parents Information

Welcome to the Sturgeon Falls Sharks Swim Team! We're All About the Water

Équipe de Natation / Sturgeon Falls Swim Team is an incorporated, not for profit competitive swim club.  Our goals are to develop well rounded athletes who are confident both in and out of the water, to have our athletes recognized for their technical excellence and to provide an atmosphere that promotes good sportsmanship and camaraderie. 

A Parents Meeting will be held at the Hall Of Fame room at the complex in September.  You are all encouraged to attend as important information will be shared regarding this year’s season.

We are ready to start our season with the first swim team practice being on September 17th from 7:30 until 9:00 for senior swimmers 13 and over and the second practice on Wednesday September 18st at 5:30 pm for all swimmers.

Please review the Parents’ handbook which includes important information and changes for the team this year.  Significant changes include practice times, registration process and membership fees.  


Our Vision

The Sharks coaching staff believe that swimming is a Sport for Life and we will strive to provide our athletes with a foundation which will encourage them to continue this sport on a lifelong basis.  The sport of swimming promotes the development of life skills such as time management, commitment, determination and goal setting.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing high quality coaching at all levels to allow each athlete to achieve his or her own individual goals.

Our program can help you to Swim BetterSwim Faster and Swim Farther.

To learn more about our program, contact us at [email protected]  or call Caroline at 705-492-7974.

Looking forward to another exciting  year for our swimmers.

Nicolle Plante-Dupuis