Interested in becoming a swim official, learn about the technical aspects of swimming and support your child meets? This is a great volunteer opportunity. It is not hard to learn. Once you become certified, you choose when to work according to your schedule- and you can help at any meet according to your certification level. Our officials enjoy helping at local, State Championship and even National level meets! As swimmers graduate from Age Group and High School program, the parents end a cycle of volunteering too. Please talk with one of the team members; we are always looking to grow the next generation of officials! 

Betty Kooy ( Unattached) - Administrative Referee,  Meet Referee

Michelle Haase- Meet Referee; NSAA Official

Dan Brailita-  Meet Referee, Admin AO1; National Cert DR/SR/CJ/ST; NSAA Official

Drew Ceperly - Starter; NSAA Official

Amy Thompson- Stroke and Turn

John Schmidt- Administrative Official AO1

use this LINK to access more info about becoming a Stroke and Turn Official :