Registration - Seasonal Programs


All swimmers interest in one of our seasonal programs must complete a tryout with the SRVA coaching staff.  Tryouts are held every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM at the San Ramon Olympic Pool.  You can contact Head Coach Richard Thornton at prior to the tryout or come to the pool ready to swim.  

At your tryout, the SRVA coaching staff with provide all relevant information once we know what group your swimmer has been placed.


Intro Program

SRVA offers this group as a transition group from swim lessons to our competitive team. Swimmers in this group learn the proper competitive skills they will need from members of the SRVA Coaching Staff.

The Intro Program is run in two groups: 10 years old & Under and 11 years old & Over.  Swimmers are evaluated throughout the session and moved onto the competitive team when they have improved enough.  

Fall Intro Session

  Dates:  9/5/2018 to 12/7/2018

  Cost: $500

  10 & Under Intro - 4:00 PM


  10 & Under Intro - 6:30 PM


  11 & Over Intro - 6:30 PM



Winter Intro Session

  Dates:  1/8/2018 to 3/30/18

  Cost: $500

  10 & Under Intro - 6:30 PM


  11 & Over Intro - 6:30 PM


Spring Intro Session

  Dates:  4/2/2018 to 6/1/18

  Cost: $400

  10 & Under Intro - 6:30 PM


  11 & Over Intro - 6:30 PM



Summer Intro Session

  Dates:  6/4/2018 to 7/25/18

  Cost: $400

  10 & Under Intro - 9:00 AM


  10 & Under Intro - 4:30 PM


  11 & Over Intro - 4:00 PM



Fall Rec Program

SRVA offers a comprehensive Fall Program for any Rec swimmer interested in continuing their season into the fall.  Swimmers are placed in SRVA competitive year round program to practice with our year round, competitive swimmers.  Swimmers will develop their swimming fundamentals from SRVA's experienced coaching staff.

Fall Rec swimmers will have the opportunity to swim in three swim meets alongside their SRVA teammates.  Swim meets in Pacific Swimming have a priority registration system, all swimmers participating in our Fall Program will get priority registration for swim meets.    

For additional information, contact Head Coach Richard Thornton at


2018 Fall Rec Program

Dates: August 27 to November 16

Price: $350 for swimmers placed in Age Group 3 or lower.  

          $400 for swimmers placed in Pre-Senior or higher.

         ** All swimmers will have to register with USA Swimming which will cost an additional

              $45 for a seasonal membership.

         ** All fees are non-refundable.

For more information click the registration link: