Competitive Teams

Divers will be placed on teams based on Coach evaluation. Divers in these groups demonstrate the skill set for competition and a commitment to training and progressing as a diver.  Divers in varying teams will have a different focus and expectations. Click here for more information on US diving competitions.

Training is individualized to cater to divers individual physical, technical and mental needs.  Divers will set goals with their coaches and follow a periodized training plan to ensure they become the best athletes possible.


Elite Mini (6 - 10.5 hours a week)

Coach: Charlie Retter

The Development Group 6-12 Hours/week

Head Coach: Brandon Robinson
The Development Group is the first group with an emphasis on Competition.  The development team focuses on Regional, Zone, USA Nationals, and AAU Nationals competition on 1m, 3m, and Platform and High School diving. It is broken into 2 groups based on each individual diver's goals.

Performance Team  (15 - 20 hours a week)

Head Coach: Nunzio Esposto

Divers demonstrating the ability to perform and train at an Elite level will be invited to join the Elite Performance Team.  Divers are expected to qualify for Nationals; this requires 100% commitment to training; attendance to all areas (dryland, pool & weights), coachability (the ability to want to and to make corrections), ownership of diving (the ability for the diver to communicate openly and constructively with the coach) are a few examples.