Southwest Aqua Masters Swimming offers swim workouts for those who want to stay in shape and those who find that a mundane lifestyle is not for them. We work on drills to improve your stroke and open-water skills to get you ready for that first or next triathlon.  SWAM meets Monday through Friday from 5:15am.

Please call us at 806.780.2782 to receive more information, or Click Here to send us an email to learn about the Masters program.


Just For Fun

This is our entry level group. An athlete need not be able to swim to enter this group.  Learn basic swim mechanics to be able to swim be more comfortably in the water. Our  goal is to improve into the Lap Swimming Group.

Lap Swimming

Push your limits and swim set workouts with a group of adults who enjoy a little friendly competition early in the morning. See daily life improve as you improve your swim technique. It's always easier to train with friends. 

Triathlon Group

Learn the basics of open water swimming for racing triathlons.  Meet up with other triathletes to get extra coaching, extra training and extra fun.  

Coach Katelyn "Katey" Wolcott will be on deck starting at 5:15 am to lead Master Swim.​