Private Lessons

Personal Swim Training Program

MACR Sharks coaches are available on a limited basis to provide one-on-one personal swim training (private lessons) for swim team members.  Private Lessons are a great way to focus specifically on one area and can help improve technique.  Swimmers benefit most from private tuition when they are able to take the lessons learned back to the pool with them and apply it to their daily practice.

Personal Swim Training Costs

The cost per lesson for personal swim training is as follows:

30 Minute Session - $25.00

45 Minute Session - $37.50

60 Minute Session - $50.00

How does it work?

Your coach will likely have identified areas where your swimmer can improve technique.  This may be a specific stroke, start or turn or could be related to race strategies - such as how to swim the IM or how to pace on a 500Y freestyle.  You and/or your swimmer may also have some ideas on areas where they would like to improve technique.  During your first lesson the coach will complete a quick stroke analysis and work with you to establish a plan for improvement for your swimmer.  Personal Swim Tuition allows for a more focused and personalized approach to technique.

If you are considering Personal Swim Training for your swimmer give some thought to the type of lesson you would like to have.  Certain coaches will have access to video stroke analysis tools than can record and upload video directly to your personal Team Unify Account.  This video, along with written commentary provides great visual feedback on areas of improvement.


To check coach availability contact Donald  @

Lessons can be scheduled on a weekly basis or locked in for a number of weeks depending on coach availability.  During certain school breaks such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, coaches have increased availability.  If you are considering personal swim training for your swimmer plan ahead as these limited spots tend to fill up quickly.  We will connect you with a coach that can arrange scheduling with you as needed.