CP Waitlist


We are sending out courtesy emails this year, indicating what is available.  No one is above the other in status.

  • Please direct all waitlist inquiries to: cpwaitlist@nitroswim.com
  • If you are submitting a request please include the following information:

1) Parent Name  2)Swimmer name 3) Age  4) email address   5) group name and #- one choice only.


Q: How does the waitlist work?

     A: If a group is at max capacity, a request to be placed on a courtesy email can be submitted. When spots become available email notification will be sent out to all families on the waitlist. Open spots will be first come first served. (Revised 8/11/17)

Q: Can I request more than one roster group?

     A: No

Q: I submitted my request but I received no indication of updates on my swimmer.

      A: Once a request is submitted, you will only receive a reply indicating your swimmers information has been added.


Q: Can I receive or ask for weekly updates of my swimmers location on the waitlist?

     A: We do not provide weekly updates at this time.

Q: What is the estimated wait time?

     A: As the term implies, a waitlist indicates “waiting”, the variables that determine a spot opening up are unpredictable. Ex: withdrawals/ move ups/ medical. We have no control over those variables. Therefore, no average or estimates can or will be given.  

Q: Why is the waitlist not visual to the public?

     A: For customer privacy and confidentiality the waitlist is kept for Administration staff only.

Q: How long is my request/s valid?

     A: We take waitlist requests Sept through May.  In May we offer early registration to anyone still on the waitlist before we open to the public.  The waitlist is restarted at the beginning of a new season.