Rock It Racing



Why Sponsor the Knights?

On our own, we can't do all the great things we want for our young swimmers.  We need the help of sponsors.

Our team is made up of children ages 5-18 years and their parent volunteers from North Irvine.  Our swim season runs from June through August, and swim meets include 19 other participating  ISL teams from the City of Irvine.  Over 200 families at each meet!  

Your support will assist in covering our major expenses such as officials, equipment, trophies, coaches, kick off and end of season events.

Sponsorships are available for any amount above $500. Benefits include:

  • One child registration for every $500 in sponsorship dollars brought in.
  • Every sponsor will get their logo on this page of the website and will be thanked at all our home meets.
  • Sponsors $1000 and above will have their logo on every page of this website and on a banner hung at each home meet.

If providing sponsorship for the North Irvine Knights is an option for you or your company this year, please reach out to us.  If you cannot sponsor directly, but can help us find sponsors, that works for us too. There are many ways we can work together to make this a great season for the Knights.  Please contact us with any questions!  Thank you!