Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons are offered at SAC!



Group lessons (3-4 swimmers): $80 per swimmer for eight half-hour lessons.

  • June session - Tuesday/Thursday mornings 10:00-10:30 OR 10:40-11:10.  June 8 - July 1.  Current (May session) Participants registration opens May 20 - June 3.  New Participants registration opens May 27 - June 3.  Email Coach Steve for more info!  [email protected]
  • July session - days/times forthcoming!  July 13 - August 5.


Semi-private (two swimmers): $30 total per half-hour lesson ($15 per swimmer), four lessons for $90.


Solo lessons: $25 per half-hour lesson, four lessons for $80.



There is no online registration for lessons.  Please email Coach Steve (s[email protected]) with the following information:

  1. Child's Name
  2. Age
  3. General swim experience


Home Schooled Lessons Available

For any home-school swimmers looking for lessons during the week, email Coach Steve to coordinate times during the day.