Nutrition Newsletters

February 2019: King Cake CCSC_NutritionNewsletter_KingCake.pdf

New Year's Resolution: Goal Setting CCSC_NutritionNewsletter_Goals.pdf   CCSC_SwimmerGoals.pdf   CCSC_ParentGoals.pdf 

December 2018: Pumping Iron CCSC_PumpingIron_Nutritionnewsletter.pdf

Happy Holidays: Moderation CCSC_Holidays_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

Halloween Health: Tricky Treats CCSC_Halloween_TrickyTreats.pdf

October 2018: Tailgate Party CCSC_Oct2018_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

September 2018: School Rules CCSC_Sep2018_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

July 2018: State Meet Nutrition CCSC_July2018_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

April 2018: Don't Be Fooled by "Health" Food CCSC_April2018_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

March 2018: National Nutrition Month CCSC_March2018_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

February 2018: Got Milk? CCSC_February2018_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

January 2018: Think Small to Gain BIG CCSC_January2018_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

December: Countdown to 2018 CCSC_December2017_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

November: Modification CCSC_November2017_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

October: "Sugar"


August/September: "Teach your children well" CCSCAugust_September2017_NutritionNewsletter.pdf

July: State of Mind, Championship Nutrition  CCSC July 2017_Nutrition letter.pdf

June: Louisiana Seafood! Locally caught seafood fits perfectly into a healthy diet! June 2017 Nutrition Letter.pdf

May: Snack Time! How to snack smart daily and at meets! May 2017_Nutrition letter.pdf

April: What is...? Decoding common nutrition lingo. April 2017_Nutrition letter.pdf

March: National Nutrition Month. "Put Your Best Fork Forward." March 2017_Nutrition letter.pdf

February: Let's Go to the Grocery. If changing your eating habits was part of your goal, then knowing how to grocery shop is critical. - February 2017_Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

January: Goal Setting. Starting off the new year with resolutions and goal setting - write it down! - January 2017_full packet.pdf

December: Countdown to 2017 - December 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

November: Modification - November Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

October: Fall for Soup - October Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

September: School Schedule - September 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

August/July: Nutrition of Olympic Athletes  - July_August 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

June: Summer Sun = Flavorful Fruit - June 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

May: Building Muscle - May 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

March: Happy St. Patrick's Day - March 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

February: Calories vs. Energy - February 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf

January: New Year's Resolution/Goal Setting- January 2016 Nutrition Newsletter.pdf