Volunteer Info

Our team requires 4 hrs of volunteer time during the Short Course Season and 3 hrs of volunteer time during the Long Course Season. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a $60 charge at the end of each season.

The following are ways that you can volunteer on our team. 


Ways to volunteer:


Food Coordinator:

Determine what snacks are needed, pick up snacks, drinks and ice before the meet.  Coordinate snack runners in shifts.  Put away snacks/drinks/coolers when meet is over.


Timer Coordinator:

Get stopwatches, clipboards and pencils ready.  Make sure your timing slots are full.  Have a timer meeting 15 minutes before meet starts, train any  new timers.  Put away stopwatches, clipboards and pencils when meet is over.


Awards Coordinator:

Determine what awards are needed, stock-up.  Coordinate volunteers in shifts.  Put away prizes when meet is over.  Give ribbons to coaches.


Meet Marshall's Coordinator:

Coordinate meet marshalls.  Train them before the meet (no horseplay in the dive tank, make rounds every 20 minutes including locker rooms and balcony), make sure marshall slots are full.


At Meets:


Operates the Public Address System, announces events, heats and results.  Arrive 15 minutes early.


Awards Table:

Gives out prizes for best times, helps put stickers on awards ribbons.  Arrive 30 minutes early to get awards table set up.



Helps put stickers on awards ribbons. Stay 30 minutes after conclusion of meet to get ribbons ready for the teams.


Computer Operator:

Works in the timing office running the swim meet software.  Arrive 30 minutes early.


Console Operator:

Works in the timing office running the timing console.  Arrive 30 minutes early.


Head Timer:

Starts and stops two stop watches as a back-up for the timers, watches timers to trade stop watches, if needed.  Arrive 30 minutes early.


Meet Marshal:

Enforce warm-up/safety procedures and maintains order in the dive tank.  Check venue (bathroom, bleachers, foyer) periodically.  Arrive 30 minutes early.


Program Sales:

Sells heat sheets in the lobby.  Arrive 30 minutes early.



Gathers lane timer sheets and ref papers and brings them to the timing office after each event.  Arrive 15 minutes early.


Snack Runner:

Offers snacks and drinks to officials, timers and coaches periodically.  Arrive at the start of the meet to organize snacks and drinks.



Runs a stopwatch and records the swimmers time as a backup for the computer.  Arrive 15 minutes early.