Dryland Information

           Mid-America Athletic Training Center           

Dryland Facility


Contact Information:
J. Luke Meador
www.maatc.com (Under Construction)

What is dryland training? 
•    Utilization of trampolines, dry boards, padded floors, landing mats
•    Utilization of spotting rigs, hand spotting, modeling
•    Strength and flexibility training
•    Video analysis

Does dryland training work?
•    Chinese have been focusing on dryland training and it has worked
•    Reduces impact on divers thus increasing safety and longevity
•    Our current Olympic medalists and national champions rely heavily on this technique
•    Helps to maximize training time by making water training more focused

Location:         American Turner’s
                     3125 River Road
                     Louisville, KY 40207

Start Date:       Tuesday January 10, 2017

Hours:             Tuesday, 6:00-9:00
                      Thursday, 6:00-9:00
                      Saturday, 9:00-12:00

Cost:              Month 1: $175 (Initial Turner’s membership)
                     Month 2: $40
                     Month 3 and on: $40


Steps to train in the Dryland Facility:

1.)    Become a member of a properly insured AAU diving club

2.)    Obtain AAU diving insurance and provide a copy to MAATC

3.)    Complete Turner membership application

4.)    Complete the MAATC liability waiver

5.)    Submit initial payment of $175 for month 1 payable to MAATC.