Swim U

Swim U Program

The Excel Swim U program is designed for the swimmer who is basically proficient in all four competitive strokes, but for whom the year-round team is not the right fit. This program is only for swimmers with a strong working knowledge of the four competitive strokes.  

These are not swim lessons.  Swimmers in these groups should have previous swimming experience and be very familiar with all four competitive strokes. They should be able to swim one lap of each stroke legally.  We will continue to refine the strokes, but will not be in a position to teach them to someone with no previous knowledge of them. If your swimmer needs to learn one or all of the four strokes, then please look at the Swim School classes available.

Each site sets up it's Swim U sessions differently based on available coaches and lane space. Please check the specific schedule in the Online Registration System for your desired location. General timeframes are listed below. 

Brentwood Location

The Fall 2018 session will run as follows:

The main focus of this session will be to prepare swimmers for the middle school swim season.  For those not in middle school, it will be focused on developing good technique.

  • Swim U Advanced - The Advanced level is for swimmers who are comfortable swimming 50 yards of each stroke and who handle some interval swimming. There will be a mixture of technique focus, and working to increase speed and distance in this group.

        9/11-1/24, Tues & Thurs at 6:30 pm

  • Swim U Intermediate - The Intermediate level is for swimmers who can swim all four strokes, but who need more technique work. This group is not as much about distance/yards, but more focused on improving stroke efficiency and mechanics.

         9/10-1/23, Mon & Wed at 6:30 pm

         9/14-1/25, Fri only at 5:30 pm

Registration will open on August 1st at 7:00am.  Spots are limited and will fill very quickly.  We will not swim at all during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  There are also some other dates that we will not swim that vary depending the group you are in.  Please read the class details for those dates.

Franklin Location

There will not be a Swim U session at this location in the Fall.

Longview Location

The 2018-2019 sessions for Swim U are all detailed on the Longview Swim U flyer.

Murfreesboro Location

The Fall session will run as follows:

  • Ages 6 and Under - at Sportscom
  • ​Ages 7-10 - at Sportscom
  • Ages 11 and Up - at Sportscom