Masters/Tri Swim

Masters and Triathlon Training Programs

at Brentwood, Longview & Muletown

Brentwood Location
Excel's Masters/Tri program has two convenient practice times at the Brentwood Indoor Sports Complex.  We offer a variety of payment options to accommodate the athletes with busy and varied schedules.  In general, the practices are anywhere from 2500-3500 yards, with variations up or down depending on the type of workout.  You do not have to know all four of the competitive strokes, but should be proficient in Freestyle enough to accomplish most of the practice.
Questions regarding Masters/Tri-athlete programs can be directed to Coach Nick Matthews at  All questions regarding registration/payment can be directed to Coach Elizabeth Potts at
Our Multisport program offering and pricing can be found on the Multisport tab.  To Register for all Multisport and Swimming packages and punch passes please visit the Masters/Tri Registration System.
Fall/Winter/Spring 2018-2019 Schedule
Monday:          5:15am-6:30am - swimming ISC
                        7:30am-8:45am - swimming ISC
Tuesday:          5:30am- 6:30am - cycling (based upon demand)
Wednesday:    5:15am-6:30am - swimming ISC
                        7:30am-8:45am - swimming ISC
Thursday:        5:30am-6:30am - indoor cycling ISC (based upon demand)
Friday:             5:15am-6:30am - swimming ISC
                        7:30am-8:45am - swimming

Longview Location

The Longview location will offer Masters swimming only training five days a week.  The focus of the training group will be stroke technique, and increasing swimming endurance and speed using freestyle as the training stroke.  However all four strokes will be taught during practice.  The only payment option for the Longview location is the monthly unlimited access for $60/month.  When you register you will be charged a $5 registration fee and your card/account will be billed monthly for $60 thereafter until you notify Excel otherwise. 

Questions regarding the Longview Masters program can be directed to Coach Dawn VanRyckeghem at

For more info view the Longview Masters Flyer.

Fall 2018 Schedule
Monday:         10:00am-11:15am - swimming

Tuesday:         5:00am-6:15am - swimming
Wednesday:   10:00am-11:15am - swimming
Thursday:        5:00am-6:15am - swimming
Saturday:        4:00-5:30pm - swimming

Muletown Rec Center Location

We will offer training at the Muletown Rec Center three days a week, and will be coached by USA Swimming Certified swim coaches. Focus of the training group will be stroke technique, increasing swim endurance and speed using freestyle as the training stroke. However all competitive strokes will be taught during practice. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday:          7:00am- 8:15am - swimming
Thursday:         7:00am-8:15am - swimming
Friday:             11:30am-12:30pm - swimming