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Thank you for your interest in one of Irvine’s most established, organized, and fun swim teams!

Registration for the Summer 2020 Season officially opens March 1st for Park Paseo Residents and March 15th for Non-residents.

Visit our Online Registration page to sign up. With early registration, you can save on registration fee ($20 for first swimmer and $5 for each additional swimmer) and you have the opportunity to sign up for the volunteer jobs immediately after completing your registration. Early registration ends on April 1st.

As per HOA, non-resident swimmer qualifies as resident if their Grandparents are Park Paseo residents.

Top Reasons why Families join the Park Paseo Northstars

  • Learn and improve all 4 swim strokes
  • Water safe non-swimmers accepted
  • All practices led by experienced coaches
  • Practice sessions grouped by skill level
  • Flexible for children with other summer activities
  • Conveniently located in Northwood’s Park Paseo neighborhood next to Santiago Hills Elementary
  • Great opportunity to meet neighbors and other Irvine families
  • Participants ages 5-18 welcome (must be age 5 by June 1)
  • 10 week program June through August
  • Great value for up to 40 practices + 6 competition meets

Dates, Time, and Location

  • 2020 Schedule June 1 through August 8, 2020
  • Practices Monday through Thursday 30-60 minutes depending on skill level (flexible)
  • Park Paseo Clubhouse Pool
  • Meet Schedule:
    • Practice Meet @ Park Paseo - June 13, 2020
    • Meet #1 Courtside @ Park Paseo  - June 20, 2020
    • Meet #2 Northpark @ Park Paseo - June 27, 2020
    • Meet #3 Park Paseo @ Greentree - July 11, 2020
    • Meet #4 Park Paseo @ Colony - July 18, 2020
    • Meet #5 Stonegate @ Park Paseo - July 25, 2020
    • Irvine Swim League Championships @ Woollett - August 8, 2020

Swimmer Requirements: Age, Skill and Residency

  • Swimmer must be between 5-18 on June 1 of this year
  • Swimmer must be water safe: be able to stay afloat and swim to safety at any time
  • Swimmer must be a Park Paseo resident, OR
  • Swimmer must be a qualifying non-resident (Nonresident fee $75 for 1 swimmer or $100 per family for more than 1 swimmer applies, spaces very limited):
    • Attend Sierra Vista Middle School, OR
    • Attend Santiago Hills Elementary School, OR
    • Live between Culver/Irvine Blvd and Portola/Jeffrey

Parent Commitment

As a parent member of the Northstars, contributing as a volunteer is critical to running the team and also helps build camaraderie. 

Volunteering is a requirement in order to participate in the swim practices, dual meets, social events, Championship meet and the end-of-year party.

To encourage fairness and complete participation, a $50 check deposit will be collected from each family. The deposit check will be held during the season as a promise by each family to show up for their designated jobs. If you fail to perform your job at a meet then the deposit will be cashed to cover the cost of hiring a helper and an additional $50 deposit will be requested and held once again. No swimmers will be allowed to participate in any team practices, events or functions until a new deposit has been received. All checks will be destroyed after the end of the season.  

Each family is required to sign up for and perform 6-8 volunteer jobs during the season, as determined by the Northstars Board prior to the season start.  


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