Scrip Order Form

What is Scrip?

Our program utilizes " Scrip" (a Latin term that means anything used instead of money). The program is simple. UnitedScrip purchases gift cards and certificates, in large quantities from National and Local Retailers. Your organizations members order and purchase these gift cards and certificates from your Scrip program paying face value for the scrip. Please understand that these are the exact gift cards and certificates that you or your members would purchase when you walk into your favorite grocery store, restaurant, department, specialty or general retailer and purchase gift cards to give to family members, loved ones or friends.

 How Does that Help Our Organization Reach its Financial Goals?

UnitedScrip purchases "Scrip" on behalf of non-profit organizations, like yourself, in large quantities. Because UnitedScrip meets the high corporate minimums, and pays for the purchases before receiving them, a discount is received. UnitedScrip sells these gift cards to your organization, retaining a small percentage of this amount (1.2% average) and passing the remaining discount on to your organization. Your organization then allows your members to purchase Scrip at face value ...dollar for dollar, to use for their everyday purchases. That means that your organization retains between 1% - 15% as profit for your organization.

 How much can our Organization make?

How much do your families spend weekly on gasoline, groceries, clothing, fast food, toys, entertainment or home improvements, and birthday gifts weekly? Think about your own monthly spending!

Our goal is to turn those dollars into profit for your organization.

One family spending $525 monthly can generate over $250 yearly! How many of your families can write you a check for that amount in support of your groups goals and vision?

UnitedScrip becomes your organizations one stop shopping center for their everyday purchases, allowing each member to make every purchase profitable for your organization!

It is That Simple!

How do you get started?

You simply make your selections using a blank Scrip form which can be picked up at the pool or will soon be on our team website, total your order and make your check payable to NYST. All money is collected on Monday and orders are ready by Friday*.

This is a great way to assist the team with funds needed for expenses like equipment and to help your family earn dollars toward your personal account.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Sharah Clark at 940-2645 or email her at

*Bi-Lo orders are purchased differently and may take 5 to 7 days to be delivered.