Beginner Pacer

We are happy to offer the Beginner Pacer Program as an option for your child's swimming education.  Our program offers three different levels of instruction so that swim lessons may be tailored towards the individual needs of your child. By participating in the Beginner Pacer Program, your child can learn valuable swim safety skills.

     Beginner Pacer Program instructors are trained in beginning swimming skills and water safety. The APAC Beginner Pacers will progress through their instruction by learning and perfecting basic water safety skills and then move on to instruction in all 4 competitive strokes.

     We offer small class sizes so your child receives the attention needed to become a confident and proficient swimmer. The Beginner Pacer Program can be also be used as preparation for entry into our competitive program. 

Beginner Pacer Program Levels

Tadpoles- The Tadpole group offers basic swim instruction including, breath control, floating and the front crawl.

Minnows- By participating in our intermediate minnow level class, your child will continue to develop precision in the front crawl, and will learn the back crawl as well.

Sharks- The shark group offers an advanced level of instruction. This group introduces your child to breaststroke and butterfly.

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Classes run monthly throughout the year.

All lessons are held at the USCA Natatorium.

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