Volunteer Commitment 

The Sharks operate as a non-profit, parent run organization and as such, every family will be assigned a “work crew” and must do their part to ensure we have a great season. The work crews are:

  • Timers & Runners
  • Ready Bench
  • Concessions
  • Head Table (stats and ribbons)
  • Officials
  • Set-up 
  • Clean-up

Each family is required to work the equivalent of 5 swim meet halves during the season plus 1 Time Trials half (a total of 6 halves). If you are unable to work a scheduled volunteer shift, you may make arrangements with another family to switch or you can hire someone to work your shifts. It is YOUR responsibility to cover your shift and notify your crew leader. If you elect to attend the ISL Champs or Pentathlon meets, you will be required to perform additional volunteer duties as assigned to the Sharks by ISL.