No practice Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day) , Friday June 14 (School's Out Party) or Thursday, July 4 (Fourth of July) 


Pre-season practices (May 20 - June 13) begin in the afternoons on Monday, May 20.

Regular season (June 17 - July 15) practice times will be offered starting Monday, June 17 after school has dismissed for the summer . During regular season there are morning and afternoon practices. You may choose which practice to go to, but morning practice is encouraged particularly for Mites and Midgets as those groups are separate in the mornings, but combined in the afternoons.

Please note that there is no afternoon Friday practices during the regular swim season. 

The coaches kindly ask that your child not be at the pool after Monday morning swim practice so they can save their energy for the swim meet Monday night!

 Please see the dropdown boxes for specific practice times per age group.


Practice/Age Classifications

Swimmers practice according to age group. Age classifications are based on your child’s age as of June 1st.

8 year olds & under (Mites)

9 & 10 year olds (Midgets)

11 & 12 year olds (Juniors)

13 & 14 year olds (Intermediates)

15 & older (seniors)


Weather Issues

Unless it is thundering, we will have regular practices, even in the rain. If it is raining so hard that the lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool, they will clear the pool. Otherwise, we practice in the rain. You’re wet anyway.

Call the pool (804) 269-0560 if you have any doubts and we will TRY to send a text if practice is canceled