Registration for the 2021 season has been filled. To be placed on a waitlist in the event a spot opens up, please email the Team Registrar at [email protected] .

The University Hills Narwhals is a summer swim team that is part of the Irvine Swim League. The team is open to all University Hills children age 5-18 as of June 1 of each year. This season, weekday practice sessions, held at Coltrane Pool between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm, will begin June 7 and conclude August 15. Any swim meets held this year will be for the Narwhals team members only and held at Coltrane pool. 

Though Narwhals coaches help swimmers improve their strokes and turns, this is not a "learn to swim" group. Children must be water-safe to participate, i.e., they must be able to get across the pool safely on their own without the use of a flotation device.

The Narwhals is a 100% volunteer organization. Parent participation, essential for the operation of the team and swim meets, is required. Parents are asked to earn volunteer points by working shifts at swim meets, with each shift lasting approximately two hours. Each family is asked to earn 3 volunteer points. (Signups for volunteer slots will opened on June 2, 7:00pm).

Registration fees and team swimsuit costs are as follows:

  • age 5-14: $230 per swimmer (plus $50 ISL fee) = Total of $280

  • age 5-14 sibling discount of $30 = Total of $250 for each additional child

  • age 15-18: $130 per swimmer (plus $50 ISL fee) = Total of $180

(cannot combine with sibling discount)


For your convenience, we can accept payment via check or credit card. However, please note that a non-refundable processing fee of 30 cents plus 2.95% of the transaction amount will be assessed for credit card payments.

To register, you must do the following:

1. Register online by clicking the "Home" button above and then "Online Registration." Set up the account for the adult and then add member(s) for the children. Select either pay by credit card (see above) or pay by check (see below).

2. After registering online, you must submit documentation for any NEW swimmer to Dropbox:

  • OPTION 1 (PREFERRED): IUSD AERIES WEBSITE OR APP (instructions provided here). This one document will verify the new swimmer's age AND residence.

  • OPTION 2: one (1) age verification document and two (2) residency verification documents. Acceptable documents include:

    • For age verification (1 document needed)
      • ​​​​birth certificate
      • passport​
    • For residency verification (2 documents needed)

      • Current Electric bill (both parts, top & bottom, in English)

      • Current Southern California Gas bill (both parts, top & bottom, in English)

      • Current Cable bill (both parts, top & bottom, in English)

      • Current Official Property Tax Forms or Income Tax Correspondence (The address to which these documents were mailed must match the address that is being used to establish residency)

      • Current Water/Sewage bill (both parts, top & bottom, in English)

      • Current Waste Management Bill (both parts, top & bottom, in English)

      • Current Payroll Stub (both name and address must appear on payroll stub)

      • Current Social Services documents

      • If parent is a renter and does not pay utilities because it is included in the rent, we will need a letter from the lessor and/or a copy of the rental agreement stating that utilities are included.

      • In the case of purchasing a home under construction, a New Communities K-12 Enrollment Address Verification form may be obtained at the sales office and will be accepted as temporary residency verification.

3. Pay your $100 volunteer deposit, check payable to UHills Narwhals. This is a refundable deposit which will be returned if you complete all your volunteer assignments. Deposits may be remitted to the registrar at 2 Hypatia Court. Note: if you did not pay your registration fee by credit card, please also include your registration fee in the same envelope, but you must write two separate checks, one for the registration fee and one for the $100 deposit.

Your registration will not be complete and activated and your space on the team confirmed until all documents and payments have been submitted and accepted.


Refund Policy:

Refund requests will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • If a swimmer withdraws prior to the season start;

  • If a swimmer is deemed by the head coach to not be water safe;

  • if, within the first week of the season, a previously unknown medical condition is identified which interferes with swimming.