Volunteer Policy 2020 Season

The University Hills Narwhals Swim Team (UHNST) is a 100% volunteer organization. It takes parental support to operate the team and conduct swim meets. Parent participation in the UHNST’s activities is a condition of membership. Families that do not fulfill their volunteer requirements as listed below may be excluded from team participation the following season.

Each swim meet is divided into a first half and a second half. Each shift lasts half a meet (approximately 2 hours) and is easy and fun. Families earn one point for each shift worked by an adult volunteer.  Families with one swimmer are required to earn 5 points per season and families with two or more swimmers are required to earn 6 points. If your child participates in the ISL championship meet or Pentathlon, you must volunteer for additional shifts at those meets.

Each family will be required to submit a $100 volunteer deposit, check payable to "UHills Narwhals". If you fulfill all your volunteer requirements, then this check will not be deposited. Families who are short of their point quota by one point will lose priority registration for the next season, and their volunteer deposit check will be cashed. The deposit check will also be cashed if a volunteer fails to report for an assigned shift. Families who are short by two or more points will lose their volunteer check and forfeit their children's’ eligibility to participate on the Narwhals swim team for the following season.

If you find that you cannot work a meet that you have agreed to work, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Your replacement will receive credit for their family's requirement, and you will be asked to work another shift at another meet. In these cases the best practice is to trade shifts. Whatever you work out, it is imperative that you inform the Volunteer Coordinator of your plans no later than the Wednesday prior to the meet that you intend to miss.

Jobs will be opened up for sign up online on a first come first serve basis. We will do everything we can to honor your requests. However, during the season, we may occasionally need to ask you to change meets and/or job assignments.

I have read and understood the above requirements for parent participation for the University Hills Narwhals Swim Team. I understand that such parental support is a condition for swim team membership and that there are consequences for not fulfilling volunteer obligations.

Sign ups for volunteer assignments can be made on the Narwhals website, with the signup period opening up after the annual parents' meeting (see below).


Volunteer Job Information

Parents' Meeting

April 7, 2020 7pm at Community Center

We are going to have a parents' meeting for this season where we will provide information about all volunteer jobs. Please come join us. If you have any questions about volunteering, you may also contact the Narwhals Volunteer Coordinators.

Clare [email protected] , Farah [email protected]