Western Zone Board of Review

Chair: Doug Everett

Vice Chair: Mei Nakamoto

Secretary: Bob Wood

File a Western Zone Board of Review Petition


Western Zone Sanction Appeal

Before you initiate an appeal, please read the Sanction Appeal Process Handbook to determine if your potential appeal falls within the jurisdiction or scope of the Zone Sanction Appeal Process. 

The Sanction Appeal Process Webinar is about 35 minutes long with audio and these slides . (You may have to install Adobe Connect to view the webinar)

File a Western Zone Sanction Appeal and:

Please include the following pieces of information/documentation:

a.  Meet Information (.pdf supplied by Petitioner)

b.  Reason for denial (supplied by the LSC)

c.  Pertinent LSC rules, timeline, and process (supplied by LSC)

d.  Reasons for Appeal (supplied by Petitioner)