Bud Dallmann, Founder

Lifelong Head Coach & Founder of the Landa Park Dolphins
American Swimming Coaches Association Certification Level 5
Born in Two Rivers, WI, Bud Dallmann moved to New Braunfels in 1945 and in 1962 formed the New Braunfels Aquatic Club. He worked as a volunteer coach in the area for more than 50 years and almost as long as an official at local, state, national and international levels. Dallmann introduced automatic timing to Texas and to the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (T.A.A.F.) and he originated, organized, and staged the first major coaching clinic in Texas at Trinity University. He started the swim team at both New Braunfels High School and Canyon High School, and coached three high school all-Americans and seven world and American record holders. As a swimmer, Dallmann medaled at the first World Masters Games in 1985 and the first FINA World Masters Swimming Championships - Tokyo in 1986. He set Masters world records and was named a national top ten Masters swimmer.  (Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame)
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  Paige Flume Bird, Head Coach

Paige began swimming competitively under Coach Bud at the age of 4. During her 14 years as a Dolphin, she became a successful age group athlete setting team, regional, and state records.  She served as captain for the NBHS varsity swim team, set numerous school records, and was the first student from New Braunfels to be honored as a NISCA All-American. In 2015, she began her coaching career with the very team that fostered her love for the sport. When Bud asked her to take over as head coach that summer, she did not hesitate and has loved every moment. Paige is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Biomedical Science, a level 2 certified coach with the American Swimming Coaches Association, and a proud mother of three children. Her son and twin daughters are following in her footsteps as Dolphins.  

Tommy Anderson, Assistant Head Coach

Tommy Anderson was born and raised in New Braunfels, TX and will be graduating from Texas State University in August of 2017 with a major in Communication Studies and two minors in Mathematics and Theatre. This is his sixth consecutive season of coaching for the Landa Park Dolphins. This will be his fourth season as the Assistant Head Coach. He began swimming in the summer as a freshman in high school, and now currently holds two personal records at Texas State in breaststroke - which is his specialty.
Tommy loves to coach: “I have never experienced anything more rewarding than helping kids improve their skills. It’s a privilege and a blessing that I get to come back and coach these amazing swimmers each year, and I thank my lucky stars I got to become friends with coach Bud.”
After graduation, Tommy plans to use his degree to find a job somewhere in the United States, but outside Texas in order to broaden his horizons. He has high ambitions of making his way to Second City in Chicago over the next few years, where he wants to study comedy and pursue his dream.

Kip Duckworth-Werner, Assistant Head Coach

Kip first joined the Landa Park Dolphins when she was 8 years old. At the age of 12, she began swimming under the instruction of Coach Bud Dallmann and continued to do so on the New Braunfels High School Swim Team, where she served as Captain. After graduating from Texas State University, in 2010, Kip returned to the Dolphins as a Can Do coach. She then served as Asst. Head Coach under the tutelage of Bud Dallmann throughout the summers of 2011-2013, coaching Silver. In the summer of 2014, she gave birth to her son Jude and stepped away from the pool in order to spend time with her family. She has since returned and looks forward to fulfilling her new role on the team. Kip is an elementary teacher at Lone Star in NBISD.


 Josh Cunningham, Senior Coach

Josh Cunningham was a competitive swimmer with the Dolphins, under Coach Bud, from 1989-1997 where he set several age group Regional records.  Josh began coaching with the Landa Park Dolphins in 2012, and he is a Level 2 certified coach with the American Swimming Coaches Association. Josh brings years of both tutoring and managerial experience to novice and advanced swimmers' training and development.

Ashley Martinez, Senior Coach

Ashley Martinez first found a love for swimming with the Kingsville Swim Team when she was in 2nd grade. She developed a love for all things water and teaching related and became a lifeguard, and water safety instructor by the time she was 15. At 17 Ashley started coaching her first swim team, the Otters in Odem, Texas. Ashley received her BFA at Texas A&M University Kingsville in 2008.  During her degree she ran the NASK swimming pool and trained Army ROTC cadets in swimming. After moving to San Marcos in 2009, Ashley began her teaching career with NBHS as an art teacher. From 2010-2011 she was the assistant swim coach with New Braunfels High School. For the last five years Ashley has owned her own  art studio, Traveling ART. She is so excited to be back into coaching with this amazing team. ​

Charis Criddle, Senior Coach

Charis Criddle will be in her fifth year of coaching the Dolphins this summer, and she loves every minute of it.  She has completed her American Swimming Coaches Association Level 1 certification. Charis is a junior at Texas State University.  She is studying to become a physical therapist and currently volunteers at a clinic in San Marcos.

Tyler Buck, Senior Coach

Tyler Buck first started his swimming career with the Dolphins when he was 6 years old. With the Dolphins he attended many state and national meets. He then went on to swim in high school, helping the team to win the district championship all four years he was in high school. Now Tyler swims in college at the Colorado School of Mines, where he studies biochemical engineering. This will be his third year coaching with the Dolphins and he is very excited to continue helping the swimmers become the best swimmer and person they can be. 


 Courage Criddle, Senior Coach

Courage has been swimming competitively for the past seven years and will be entering his fourth year as a coach with the Dolphins. He is finishing up his second year at Texas State University where he is pursuing a degree in Marketing with a Minor in Mass Communications. When he isn't studying, swimming, wakeboarding, or crossfitting, he is working as the Soft Goods Manager at Texas Ski Ranch. Courage is looking forward to continuing to help kids learn and love to swim. 

Katherine Bowers, Senior Coach

Katherine Bowers has always lived near water and enjoyed swimming. Along with being a lifelong swimmer, she has served as a lifeguard and as 
a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor for 25 years.  Katherine has been a Landa Park Dolphins "Can-Do" coach for the past 7 years and has completed her American Swimming Coaches Association level 2 certification. During the off-season Katherine teaches third grade for NBISD.  She also enjoys spending time with her family.  Both of her children swim on the LPD team.

 Jenny Irish Bobo, Senior Coach

Coach Jenny Bobo, formally Jenny Irish grew up in the great town of New Braunfels. She started swimming competitively for the Dolphins at the age of 5 and became hooked on the sport. Coach Jenny continued swimming throughout her high school career at Canyon under the instruction of Coach Bud. She proudly still holds a record with her fellow relay teammates from 2001. After graduating in 2002 she went to Palo Alto Community College where she represented the college swim team two years in a row at the national swim meet. Coach Jenny’s love of swimming has given her the opportunity to share her passion with others through coaching several summers with the Can Do group, in addition she has been teaching swim lessons since 1998. In the spring of 2012 Coach Jenny started her own swim business, IRISH I Were Swimmin’ and has been very blessed by working with many families in our community. Coach Jenny greatly looks forward to working with and getting to know the Dolphin families & thanks you for the opportunity to work with your little ones!

Janae Davis Fuller, Senior Coach

Janae began her Dolphin career at age 4 under Coach Bud after he coaxed her out of doggie paddling and on to the team.  For 12 years, Janae learned and swam competitively under the leadership and influence of Coach Bud.  During that time, the Dolphin “Can-Do” culture and team community became a way of life, and continues to today.  Janae has a degree in Elementary Education from Oral Roberts University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Carson Newman College.  She is the director of New Braunfels Kids’ Club and a proud parent of a second generation Dolphin minnow with a younger daughter soon to follow.

Victoria Horn, Senior Coach

Victoria swam with Landa Park Dolphins from 2011-2014. She has also been doing club swimming for Alamo Area Aquatics Association for the past 4 years. Swimming is her passion, and she is looking forward to sharing her love for swimming with others before she goes to Liberty University in the fall. Bucky Smith is the reason she loves swimming like she does, and Coach Bud is the reason she started swimming competitively. Coach Bud taught her to never give up and to know that "I CAN DO all things through Christ who gives me strength." She can't wait to share all she has learned about swimming with the Minnows and Can Do swimmers! 

Connor Copeland, Senior Coach

Connor joined the dolphins in the summer of 2008 as a member of the minnows group and swam with the team through the summer of 2014 and became a coach! He is happy to say that this is his fourth year as a coach for the Dolphins and his first year as a senior coach. Connor love kids and the sport of swimming, so coaching was a perfect fit! Now that his high school swimming career is over, he's glad that he has the opportunity to stay close to the sport and pass on what he can to the next generations of Dolphins. He is graduating from New Braunfels High School in May and will be attending The University of Texas in the Fall.

Hannah McComb, Senior Coach

Hannah graduated this past May from San Marcos High School. During high school she was involved in National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the captain of her swim team. She will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall to study nursing. Hannah has a huge heart for the next generation, and (of course) for swimming! Coaching the minnows combines these two wonderful things. Hannah loves seeing the effort the minnows put forth and the improvement that follows. Above all, however, she is overjoyed to see the love for swimming growing in little hearts.

Cierra Criddle, Senior Coach

Cierra started swimming in the fall of 2010 with Coach Bud at a stroke class held at the YMCA. The following summer, she joined the Dolphins swim team and has been swimming for the team since then. She has also participated on a club team for the past 2 years, and is now closing out her last year of swimming as a senior. Last year, she joined the LPD coaching staff, and loves seeing the joy and confidence the kids find learning to swim competitively.  

Kaycee Gilcrease, Senior Coach

Kaycee Gilcrease has been swimming on the Dolphins team since the summer of 2006, and became a coach's assistant as of summer 2014.   She is in the graduating class of 2017 at New Braunfels High School where she takes part in Varsity swimming, Varsity shot put, French Club, A Cappella Choir,  and UIL Academics.  Kaycee has an immense love for Science, French, English, and especially History.  She hopes to one day teach one of these subjects.  Coaching the Minnows is an amazing experience for Kaycee, combining both her love for the sport and her desire to help others.​


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