About Us


Welcome to the swim team! Kanawha has had a competitive swim team since 1955 and was a founding member of the James River Aquatic Club. The 2018 swim season will mark Kanawha's 63rd year of competitive swimming. Today, the Kanawha swim team is a group of over 250 swimmers, ages 5-18 who practice and compete as a team in JRAC blue division. The team enjoys a 10 week season with practice beginning in late May, meets on Monday evenings in June and July and a final championship meet in late July.

KRA SWIM TEAM MISSION: To teach competitive stroke technique, turning and diving while also nurturing a love and enthusiasm for the sport of swimming. Our goal as a group is to learn lifelong swim and fitness skills, share in an enthusiastic, high energy team and make strong friendships for years to come.




Swimmers of all levels are welcome. To be on the swim team, children must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted in both freestyle and backstroke(please see specific skill sets below). If you have a child that wants to participate on the team, but still needs practice on stroke technique and endurance our MINI MITES may be a good fit. Our coaches want to the ensure the safety of your child and the other children on the team first and foremost.

Note: If your child has never been on the swim team before please do NOT register your child. Each child must complete a swim evaluation and be approved and placed in a level by one of the coaching staff. 



KRA Swim Team Mite Requirements (full 10 week season and all 6 dual meets)

1. Swim a 25 meter freestyle with NO assistance

2. Rotary breathe to at least one side for entire length

3. Begin with a streamline start, preferably from a standing dive position

4. Swim a 25 meter backstroke with NO assistance using controlled, mostly straight, productive, arms for entire length

5. Demonstrate understanding of a safe backstroke finish by not hitting head on wall



KRA Swim Team Mini-Mites Requirements (9 week season and last 3 dual meets)

A swimmer must pass KRA Swim Lesson Level 5 AND/OR:

1. Swim a 25 meter “version” of the freestyle (front crawl), with NO assistance, and:

  • Placing their face comfortably in the water the majority of the length

  • Have a knowledge of rotating to breathe (rotary breathing to the side is not necessary, but swimmers should not lift their face “UP” to breathe forward but instead roll over onto back to breathe

2. Swim a 25 meter “version” of the backstroke, with NO assistance, and:

  • Remain on back for the majority of the length

  • Arms must be used and come out of the water the majority of the length

3. Dive into the water from a sitting or kneeling position, or be willing to enter the water head first, followed by feet



If this is your child's first year on the Kanawha swim team, your child will be required to attend one of two swim evaluations. At the evaluation, your child will be asked to swim one unassisted lap of freestyle and one unassisted lap of backstroke in front of our coaches. It will be at the discretion of the coaches whether Mini-Mites or Mites is the appropriate placement for each swimmer. 

Where: St. Catherine's Indoor Pool

When: Sunday, April 14 or Sunday, April 28 at 2:30 - 3:30



If a swimmer is not ready for Mini-Mites, Kanawha offers some great options for private and group lessons for swim instruction.



$100 per swimmer

$50 for senior swimmers (ages 15-18 years old)