Meet Info


KRA swims four of the team in our division once, and we swim or closest competition twice. Divisional standings are figured out each year after The JRAC Championships. 

Swim meets are between two teams and typically  held on Monday nights at 6:30. This season the first meet will be held on Sunday afternoon, June  11. Exact time is still TBD.

There are six events in which swimmers can compete: Individual Medley (Midgets and older), Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle Relay and Medley Relay. In a meet each swimmer may swim a maximum of four races, no more than three individual events and a relay.

Swimmers compete against other swimmers of the same sex, age group and competitive classification. Please see below for age and competitive classifications.


Age Classifications as of June 1st

Mites 8 and under

Midgets 9 & 10

Juniors 11 & 12

Intermediates 13 & 14

Seniors 15 -18


Competitive Classifications

There are four competitive classifications:  Novice, Regular, X and XX.  These classifications are based on a swimmers time in a specific event. Please refer to the 2017 Time Standards for further details.

Novice: A swimmer is a Novice in an event in his/her age group until they have made the Regular time  in that event. Please refer to the 2017 Time Standards for Regular Times. (A Novice swimmer can  be entered in a Regular heat at the coach's discretion)

Regular: A swimmer is a Regular in an event in his/her age group and will swim in Regular heats until they have made the X time in that event. Please refer to the 2017 Time Standards for X Times.

X:  A swimmer is X in an event in his/her age group  and will swim in X heats until they have made the XX time in an event .Please refer to the 2017 Time Standards for XX Times.

XX: A swimmer is XX in an event in his/her age group and will swim in XX heats . Please refer to the 2017 Time Standards.


Meet Events

Novice Events: At every meet, there will be two novice events, which means that each team has no limit on how many swimmers can be entered into those events. Freestyle and one other stroke  will be novice events at each meet. In addition there is always one heat of Novice IM at every meet.

Relays: Consists of four swimmers, no more than two of which may be boys. Novice relays may only be composed fo novice swimmers, while other relays can mix regular, X and XX swimmers. Relays rotate every week between freestyle and medley relays (where each swimmer swims a particular stroke in a prescribed order Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle).

Individual Medleys: Swimmers swim a 100-meter race, one length of each stroke: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.



The top six swimmers in each event receive ribbons. Coaches will hand out  ribbons the last 15 minutes of  Fun Practice on Tuesday afternoons. If you swimmer cannot be at fun practice they will be placed in your family folder in a file box in the swim team shed.


Heat Ribbons

Mites are the only ones that receive "heat ribbons". Heat ribbons and an airhead are given to the fastest Mite in each race as soon as they get out of the pool.



-if there is rain/storm. The meet referee decided whether to delay or postpone the meet. According to JRAC policy, no meet may be canceled or postponed prior to a one hour delay. Rainouts are usually made up the following night.