NPAC Records Policy

NPAC US & SAL Records Policy
NPAC swimmers may achieve team records in individual and relay events for their participation in USA Swimming and the Suburban Aquatic League (SAL). NPAC maintains distinct records for these competitive programs and updates them throughout the year. Records are posted on this website and in the display case in the pool lobby.

Setting NPAC US Team Records:
Athletes who are registered with USA Swimming may set US team records in both short course yards (SCY) and long course meters (LCM) events at US meets, such as A/BB/C meets, Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics and Middle Atlantic Senior Championships. NPHS swimmers may set individual team records at PIAA District and/or PIAA State Championships—which also are US-sanctioned meets—provided they are registered with NPAC and USA Swimming. Likewise, all four members of an NPHS relay that competes at Districts and/or States must be registered with NPAC and USA Swimming at the time of the meet in order for the relay’s time to qualify as an NPAC team record.

Some SAL meets also are US-sanctioned, including the NPAC Trophy Meet and SAL “A” Championships. NPAC swimmers may achieve US team records at these meets based on their age on the day of the meet. For example, if a 10-year-old turns 11 on November 1, he would compete as a 10&U at the Trophy Meet (late November) and “A” Champs (early February) because a swimmer’s age as of October 31 determines his age group for SAL. That swimmer could set an 11/12 US team record at US-sanctioned SAL meets—not a 9/10 US team record, because he would be 11 at the time of the record-setting swim. However, the swimmer’s time could count for a SAL team 10&U record. At SAL “A” Champs, all four members of a relay must be USA-registered in order for the time to be record-eligible.

Setting NPAC SAL Team Records:
Swimmers can set SAL team records at dual meets, invitational meets, post-season dual meet championships and individual championships (either “A” Champs or Division Champs).

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