Our Blue Fins' Team Web Store is now open!  We will keep this Web Store open until May 5th, so get your orders in early because once we shut it down, you are out of luck and will have to wait until next summer.  Once the orders close, we hope to receive the items by the first week in June.

Click HERE to access the SWIM TEAM WEB STORE:

Should you have any questions, please call Cassel's in Herndon.  Once the Web Store shuts down, it will take a few weeks to get the items in.  We will then pick up the items and distribute them at a team practice or event.    

Team Swim Suits: Our team outfitter, Cassel's will NOT be at the FINS UP! event on April 27th to size our swimmers for the new Blue Fins' swim suit (we replace the suit pattern each summer).  We will have a sizing kit that you can view at the Fins Up! Event (it will be returned to Cassel's afterwards).  There will be no trying on the garments in the sizing kit.  You can purchase the team swim suits through the Team Store link.  Should you have any questions, please call Cassel's directly -- the number for Cassel's is 703-435-4446. 

Team swim caps ($15 each) will be available for purchase with some other small swag items at Fins Up!  Swim caps can also be purchased at the meets as well (our advice is for parents to buy a couple of caps since they can rip or get lost on the pool deck).