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"Summer League" information

West Mobile Swim Club offers the best in "Summer League" competitive swim and dive instruction. Our programs are designed to accommodate ages 5-18 with ability levels ranging from beginner to advanced. We have a proven record of success as our swim team has won the City Swimming Championship seven years in a row. 

 "Registration is OPEN NOW and will remain open through June. Registration is done online at  Fee payments can be paid either on line by credit card or by check through the mail. (All checks payable to:WMSC)

2018 Fees:

*Summer "Registration" Fee:

Joining the Swim or Dive Team is $20 per individual

Joining both the Swim and Dive Team is $25 per individual.

*The Summer Registration Fee is required by all WMSC swimmers and divers and covers your required MCAL League Insurance and "Season Ending" Meet fees. These two fees have traditionally been collected in July but will now be collected at the beginning of the season. *The "Registration" fee does Not apply to Guppies or Jr. Marlins unless they graduate to Swim Team status during the season. Your appropriate "Registration" Fee is to be added to your appropriate "Team" fee below. 


*Summer "Team" Fees 

*(Discounted fees) for those who are "WMSC Club" Members. 

*Swim or Dive Team membership (ages 6-18)- $100
*Both Swim and Dive Team memberships - $150
*Junior Marlins or Guppies Team memberships (ages 5-6)- $90
*CMSA (Coach Kyle's Senior swimmers) -$60

*(Regular fees)For those who are not "WMSC Club" Members.  

*Swim or Dive Team membership (ages 6-18) -$190
*Both Swim and Dive Team memberships- $240
*Junior Marlins or Guppies Team memberships (ages 5-6) - $160

*CMSA (Coach Kyle's Senior swimmers) -$100

*There is a multi-family member discount of 20% for 3 registered team members , 30% for 4 registered team members and 40% for 5 registered team members. (Please note) The multi-family discounts apply to "Team" fees but not the "Registration" fee.


Swim Team Swimming Requirements:

(Ages 6-7-8) All participants must be able to swim 15 yards Free/Back unassisted. (Ages 9-18) must be able to swim 25 yards Free/back unassisted.

*The Jr. Marlin Program (Starts May 29)

 They are a non-competitive 7 week , 3 day/week training program designed to prepare "Intermediate Level" 5-6 year olds for the Swim Team.

Jr. Marlin requirements are :(5 year olds)1.Previously a Guppy/Jr. Marlin participant or 2. Previously WMSC swim lesson participant or 3. Has passed swimmer evaluation & assessment TBA.(6 year olds)1.Previously a Guppy/Jr. Marlin participant or 2. Has passed swimmer evaluation & assessment TBA.

*The Guppy Program (Starts May 29)

They are a non-competitive 7 week , 3 day/week training program designed to prepare "Beginner Level" 5-6 year olds for the Jr. Marlins program.

Guppy requirements: (5-6 year olds) 1. Previously a Providence Swim School participant or 2. Previously a WMSC Swim lesson participants or 3. Previously a Guppy or 4. Pass swimmer evaluation & assessment TBA. (Note: Four year olds may be accepted if previously participated in the Providence Swim School.)

Team Suits: (are required by all Swim and Dive team members. (They are optional for Jr. Marlins and Guppy participants.)


*The Swim and Dive team "Suit Fitting Day" will be held on the second and third Saturdays in May from 10:30-12:00 am at the pool office. Once fitted, all suit orders and any other WMSC gear will be purchased through "" (just go to to place your order and to check out all of the WMSC gear that is available this summer.)


"Afternoon" Swim Practices 

(for 2 weeks) May 15-24


4:00-5:00 Swimmers ages 6-10

(Winter swimmer participants see Coach Evans for your correct time.)

5:00-6:00 Swimmers ages 11-18

"Morning" Swim and Dive Practices 

(for 9 weeks) May 29-July 26

(Monday through Friday)

8:00-9:00 Swimmers ages 6-10 and Divers ages 11-18

9:00-10:00 Swimmers ages 11-18 and Divers ages 6-10

10:00-10:30 (T-W-Th) Jr. Marlins and Guppies (Ages 5-6)  ( for 7 weeks) May 29- July 12


Important Dates To Remember!!! 

The 2018 Swimming Championship Meet is scheduled for July 27-28 @ Bishop State.                                                                                                     

The Swim/Dive Team and Individual pictures will be on Tuesday, July 10 starting at 9:00.
The Swim and Dive Team Awards will be held on Tuesday, July 31 at 5:00 @ Baker High Gym.(Followed by a swim party at WMSC from 6:30-8:30).

"Additional Instruction"

*Small group private swim lessons for competitive strokes are available beginning the first week in June through our designated assistant swim coaches.
Additional diving instruction may be scheduled through the Dive Coach.


2018 Swim Meet Schedule


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