USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Official

What are the benefits of becoming a stroke and turn official?

  • You get to be on deck while your athlete is swimming
  • You get to be away from the gossip in the stands
  • You can get a USA Swimming Name Tag

What does it take to become an USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Official?

  • No experience necessary
  • Each person wanting to train as an official must be registered as an Apprentice Official. The good's free. The bad only lasts for 60 days. This doesn't mean that a trainee must complete their training in 60 days but it is highly recommended. It does mean that at the end of the 60 days an Apprentice Official must register as a non-athlete member of USAS, complete the Level 2 Background Check and complete the Athlete Protection Training. The USAS online officials’ tests can be completed at the Apprentice's leisure, once they are ready to be certified and work on deck as an Official.
  • Apprentice Application and Athlete Protection must be complete before can step on deck.
  • Shadow a USA Swimming Official for 6 sessions: For any meet, a trainee can only satisfy two of their minimum required training sessions. In addition, a trainee can only count one session per day against their minimum required training sessions.
  • Pass the stroke and turn tests

What are the requirements once I become a USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Official?

  • Attend no less than 1 clinic in an 18 month period
  • Work twelve (12) sessions at AMS sanctioned meets. Eight of these sessions can be from sessions worked at the Official's home club hosted meet(s). The AMS reporting year for sessions worked will now be September 1 through August 31.
  • Periodically retake the required exam(s)                                      

Information taken from presentation by Andrea Rousseau.  Her complete presentation information can be found here

Application for Apprentice Official:

Application can be found here.


  1. This form must be submitted to the LSC Registrar and Officials Chair by the Tuesday prior to beginning you shadowing.
  2. Initial training session date/meet/location must be completed when submitting form
  3. E-mail completed form to and cc
  4. After your application is processed you will be notified.  At that time you must complete the Athlete Protection Training Course.
  5. Within 60 days of your initial training date you must complete the USA Swimming Background Check and become a fully registered non-athlete member of USA Swimming.  You can still continue your training if not complete, but after 60 days you will not be permitted on deck without being registered.

Please direct questions to Laura Hartman (Registration Coordinator) or Scott Pauley (Officials Chair)

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