Cancellation/Refund Policy: Cancellations must be made one week in advance for a full refund. (Registration and Insurance fees are non-refundable) With less than 1-week notice, the maximum refund is 50% of any remaining lessons.

Make-up Policy:  Due to Covid-19 protocals, we will not be able to offer any make-up lessons until CCHealth restrictions are lifted.

It is essential for your child to attend their scheduled classes to maintain consistent learning and progress. Please plan ahead carefully. After restrictions are lifted, make-ups are based on availability and are not guaranteed. If your child misses a class, they are allowed only two make-up lessons per session for a fee of $10.00. We cannot proved a make-up for a make-up.

Pool Closure: If a pool closure is necessary for any reason, we do not guarantee make-ups. However, we will make every effort to schedule one.


PLEASE NOTE: We DO swim in rainy weather, but close the pool in the event of thunder and lightening.